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Seasoned Linux system administrator / DevOps (100% remote)

Headquarters: Las Vegas Nevada USA
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If you know how to write a basic webserver in 100 lines bash script, use advanced options of tcpdump, strace and perf without looking at the manual, you're invited to send us your resume.

You'd be expected to work around 6 hours a day, but then, we want you to be available for emergencies and be able to check server status, incidents and receive company communication for weekends and holidays. We have only one other system administrator so you can co-ordinate if there are some times when you are completely unavailable.

You need to be a seasoned System Administrator who will be responsible for the deployment and maintenance of a cloud-based multi tenant SaaS solution. To qualify for this job, you must have a minimum of 2 years experience in developing, deploying and maintaining large Amazon AWS based SaaS solutions.

Your role will encompass the use of a broad range of AWS technologies, operating systems (Windows, Linux) and application environments (Nginx, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, queue management, Memcache an other open source technologies), understanding of TCP/IP networking with an emphasis on the implementation of best practice cloud security principles.

The work is perfect for dedicated freelancers - 100% remote, though the team meets at least once a year somewhere around the world. 


1. Deploying, automating, maintaining and managing AWS cloud based production system, to ensure the availability, performance, scalability and security of productions systems.
2. Building, releasing and handling configuration management of production systems.
3. Doing pre-production Acceptance Testing to help assure the quality of our products / services.
4. System troubleshooting and problem solving across platform and application domains.
5. Suggesting architecture improvements, recommending process improvements.
6. Evaluating new technology options and vendor products.
7. Ensuring critical system security through the use of best in class cloud security solutions.
8. Supporting installation and maintenance of layered software, and infrastructure.
9. Identifying where applications or hardware is having performance/reliability issues; analyzes and formulates a proposed method to correct issues.
10. Delivering long-term support and management; troubleshoots and resolves issues daily
11. Working in accordance with corporate and organizational security policies and procedures. 12. Understanding personal role in safeguarding corporate and client assets.
13. Taking appropriate action to prevent and report any compromises of security within scope of role.
14. Providing Incident management
15. Working on and maintain continuous integration systems
16. Working on deploying web applications on various environments
17. Debugging and analyzing production load
18. Executing penetration tests on production or pre-production environments
19. Executing load testing on pre-production or production environments
20. Maintaining a system for running automated tests, optimizing and speeding up the execution of test sets


1. At least 3 years of Experience with AWS services
2. At least 2 years of programming with PHP or Python
3. Very good understanding of web app and server security
4. Solid experience in building highly scalable server architectures
5. Solid experience as a DevOps Engineer in a 24x7 uptime Amazon AWS environment, including automation experience with configuration management tools
6. Know how to use advanced options of tcpdump and strace without looking at the manual 7. Be an expert in :
- working with AWS - EC2, RDS, S3
- server security
- setting up and tuning LEMP
- tuning NGINX performance
- setting up back and stability systems
4. Have good experience in:
- MySQL and MongoDB replication / sharding
- setting up and securing wordpress - managing and installing SSL certificates, configuring firewalls and VPN nagios, newrelic or any other monitoring software
- Vagrant and writing provisioning scripts in ansible, chef, puppet
5. Have the ability to :
- write bash scripts
- set up automated deployment of different projects on different environments
- understand complex software architecture
- set up multi-tier architectures
6. Experience with LXD
7. Have stable and alternative source of internet connection
8. Great verbal and written communication skills

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