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The Urban Writers

Toronto, Canada

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An inclusive and diverse group of creatives stiving to produce the world's best ghostwritten content.

A Passive Income Dream

In March 2017, Marco and Natasha decided to start a Self-Publishing business in the pursuit of passive income. With determination, and a deep burning desire to succeed, they built a successful Self-Publishing business that was able to support their income full time. Marco and Natasha worked hard and surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals. Networking and making connections were key factors in their success.

A Plan To Launch

In March 2018, Marco had an idea to launch The Urban Writers, and by April 2018, The Urban Writers was operating for business. Countless hours were put in to create a solid writing and editing team. Today, The Urban Writers is known for providing exceptional written content and state of the art customer service.

Exceptional Quality & Customer Service

Marco and Natasha have made it their mission to ensure that no shortcuts are taken, that quality is the number one priority, followed by customer support that genuinely cares. If you’re looking for a company that thrives from your success, Marco and Natasha can help.