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Simple, scalable, two-way business texting


You know how no one picks up the phone these days?

Or when you call someone and their voicemail says, “Don’t leave me a voicemail. Just text me.”

See, that’s the problem businesses face everyday when trying to reach their leads, customers, and clients. They’re stuck doing things the old way (calling, voice-mailing, emailing) and getting old school results.

The new way to instantly engage with leads and customers is with real-time text messages.

We built Salesmsg to solve this problem for businesses.

Salesmsg is a two-way text messaging software that’s used by thousands of companies to help them engage and connect with their customers over text.

"It's like Gmail for text messaging for your business."

We’ve all heard the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”, but when it comes to your business, “it takes a team to grow and scale.”

And because we’re growing at a pretty nice clip each month, we need your help to change the way our product gets built at