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Manual is a men's health and wellness brand that aims to challenge outdated notions that real men shrug their shoulders and carry on.

By empowering men with all the information and choices they need to proactively own their wellbeing, Manual believes we can turn a corner.

We’re here to be a personal manual for all men everywhere. A guide to owning health and happiness. Giving men all the tools they need to be good to themselves.

We’re no strangers to the pitfalls of ignoring your well-being. We started Manual because we spent years sweeping everything under the carpet until everything piled up and the carpet wore out.

Overweight, anxious, unable to sleep, run down and fatigued are just some of the problems we’d stacked up between us. Not a pretty sight.

We began to talk to each other, then to others, and actively sought help. The more we talked, the better we felt. The more we got to know about the solutions, the more we implemented them into our lives. And guess what? Looking after yourself head to toe, inside and out, really works.

But hey, we’re far from fixed, it’s a journey. We’re building Manual for all of us. To help figure out the best routes to well-being central.