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B2B Content Marketing Account Manager Needed


Epic Presence
Headquarters: Chicago
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Hello. My name is Casey Meehan, and I'm the founder of a content marketing agency called Epic Presence.

I'm looking for a remote account manager to help facilitate communication between our clients and our team of writers and editors.

We are reviewing applicants who are looking for full- OR part-time positions.


  • You must have a minimum of 3 years experience doing account management for a digital marketing agency, preferably with a focus on SEO / content marketing.

  • You must have a proven track record of keeping clients happy.

  • You must have a basic understanding of various B2B business models (SaaS, manufacturing, publishing, agencies, etc.).

  • You must have a basic understanding of SEO and content marketing.

  • You must have a warm and friendly phone presence.

  • You must have clear and persuasive writing skills for email correspondence and client reports.

  • You must have a basic understanding of Google Analytics and WordPress.

If this feels like a fit, I’d love to talk with you!

The 2 Major Duties of this Position

  • Client Satisfaction / Retention: You will be the day-to-day contact for our clients, responsible for relaying their feedback to our team of writers and editors.  You will be responsible for identifying trending topics inside each client’s industry and applying them to unique client needs.  You will be required to create quarterly reports that illustrate the positive results as well as to provide feedback on anything that needs to be improved.

  • Continual Campaign Enhancement: This is not a sales position, and you will not be required to upsell; however, you will be required to strengthen these campaigns with a deep understanding of each client’s audience and goals.  This may include adding additional services (via upsell), but it will more likely mean providing thoughts and input that will synergize the relationship between our agency and the client.

Here are the details:

  • This is a remote position. You will need a quiet place to hold calls (not Starbucks or similar). You will need a phone, a computer and good wifi. Though hours can be a little flexible, you will need to commit to mostly workday, weekday hours, and you must be available to take calls with clients.

  • Most importantly, this is a client-facing position. You will be interacting with our customers most of the time. If you do not like talking to people, if you find quick problem solving frustrating, and if you can't think on your feet, then this job is not a good fit.

Note: Working from home is a great way to juggle life's various demands but it requires significant self-motivation to do it successfully for an extended period of time. You should have proof that this is something you can handle before applying for this job.

Here's what this job will entail:

  • Initial 2 weeks: You will be trained in the tools we use, trained in how our internal processes work, and shadow on client calls and emails.

  • Weeks 3–6: With light supervision and input, you will respond to client emails and take a more active role on client calls.

  • Week 6 and beyond: You will be the primary point of contact for some of our clients. You will keep a bird’s-eye view of their campaigns and pass along their needs to our team. You will be responsible for weekly emails check-ins and quarterly reports. You will participate in onboarding new clients.

The Pros Of This Job

Great Team: We have a great team of people (all remote) who truly enjoy working together.

Great Clients: You will be working with some remarkable people from all over the world doing really interesting work across all sectors, from retail to tech to medicine.

Career Development: You will be working directly with the leadership team and learning from our 10 years of experience in this industry.

Lots of Opportunity for Growth: We have been growing steadily over the past four years. If you are good at what you do, there is the potential to grow into a leadership role very quickly.  

The Cons Of This Job

Uncertainty: While nearly every client interaction is friendly, there are often times when a client will test your ability to think on your feet.

Attention To Detail: Careless mistakes in your communications will lead to failure in this position.

Next Steps

If this seems like a fit, please call 1-800-531-2969 and ask for the Job Hotline.

Please be ready to leave a voicemail about yourself and why you think you would be a fit for this position. In that voicemail:

  1. Please state your name and phone number, and spell out your email clearly.

  2. Please tell me why you think you are a fit for this position.

  3. Tell me about any experience you have doing B2B digital marketing account management.

  4. Tell me about any SEO / content marketing experience you have had.

  5. Please state your name and phone number, and spell out your email clearly once again.

Please note: The voicemail cuts off after about 2 minutes, so plan your message ahead of time to be as concise and clear as possible.  Remember, having great communication skills is the #1 most important quality to have for this position.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Casey Meehan


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Apply for this position

Please call 1-800-531-2969 and ask for the Job Hotline. Please be ready to leave a voicemail about yourself as outlined in the job description.