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About Us 

For the last 10 years, ShopTracker has helped small manufacturing shops all over the world run their businesses. In an increasingly winner-take-all economy, we give small manufacturing and service providers the tools to compete, grow, and operate with peace of mind. Our customers, despite making up over 12% of the economy, are vastly underserved and are forced to rely on generic build-your-own solutions or overpriced software targeted at large operations. ShopTracker fills that vacuum, and with new investment from the TinySeed accelerator will begin tackling new and bigger challenges. Beyond just a web application - with data analytics, financial services, group bargaining, community building, and more, we can provide our customers with access to tools that have previously only existed at much larger scales. 

Core Values 

  • A business exists to serve people, not the other way aroundAn e
  • nvironment of trust and safety
  • Friendly and empathetic 
  • Always be learning 

The Role 

As our first non-founder hire, you'll have an active voice in everything from product ideation, roadmapping, and development to customer support. A strong communicator with a data-driven, analytical mindset is a must. You'll be responsible for owning features, from planning through release. Although we're currently a Ruby on Rails app, we're planning a gradual migration to Elixir and Phoenix. The new functionality will be built in Phoenix, and the old functionality will be slowly transitioned. You'll work closely with our technical founders to plan and execute this transition. 


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Elixir, Phoenix, and/or Ruby on Rails experience 
  • Automated testing 
  • Javascript, CSS, HTML 

Preferred experience 

While the ideal candidate might have all of the below, this is a wishlist and not a set of hard requirements. We expect that anyone joining ShopTracker would be an enthusiastic learner, which often outweighs specific past experience. 
  • 5+ years programming experience 
  • SQL (PostgreSQL preferred) 
  • UX/UI design 
  • Statecharts and state machines (e.g. XState in javascript) 
  • Remote Senior Full-Stack Developer 
  • TailwindCSS 
  • K8s setup and maintenance in production interest or background in data science 


  • Completely remote 
  • Flexible schedule 
  • Have an influential voice in ShopTracker's future
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