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First up, thank you so much for considering a position at Hirsh Marketing!

Before we dive into the details of the job, let us introduce ourselves:

Hirsh Marketing is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies in North America!

On average, we manage over $1M each month in revenue for our client base of some of the biggest leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs rocking their respective niches from every corner of the globe.

  • We are obsessed with growth, innovation, client success, and constantly being ahead of the curve.
  • Our promise to every employee is that no matter what, they will leave our company a stronger and better person than when they started.
  • We love feedback, we love discussion, and we HATE micromanagement.
  • As a fast-growing company, sometimes there is chaos and stress. But fortunately, we all THRIVE in this environment.
  • Communication, attention to detail, and organization are VERY important to us and allow us to do the best work possible for our clients!
  • While this job is 100% remote, we are proud of our fun, vibrant, playful team culture!
  • We truly love digital marketing and hope you do too!

Here is a brief job description:
This position will support the Hirsh Marketing team in writing for social media, podcasts, Monthly Marketing reports, case studies, and email campaigns to build visibility and brand awareness for the company.

The Sales Copywriter will also be responsible for creating copy for our funnels - landing pages, sales pages, upsells, confirmation pages, etc. They will focus on using Emily’s (CEO) voice consistently throughout the copy, being polarizing and against the grain, innovative, and creative, standing out against what everyone else is doing, staying on top of current trends and topics.

This person will be immersed in the worlds of copywriting as well as digital marketing so they are able to drive strategy and content and bring ideas to the table to level up our content experience.

Okay, enough about us.  Here's who we're looking for:

  • 2-3 years of experience creating content and social strategies for brands online

  • Ability to create copy for social media that reflects another person’s voice

  • Drive and passion to learn and understand the EH brand and voice 

  • Goal and growth oriented. Metrics will be evaluated and held

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Highly organized and efficient

  • Detail oriented

  • Driven to stay ahead of the curve with trends and what’s working now

  • Ability to immerse in the digital marketing space to stay on pulse

Here’s what you’ll be responsible for:

  • Create growth in our social media channels, podcast, and email marketing

  • Our social media and content is consistently regarded as innovative, fresh and new

  • We consistently accomplish creating posts, emails and other marketing content that speaks to our WHY and goes much deeper than anything surface level

  • Written copy will effectively represent Emily and her voice and align with the company's mission and purpose as well as feel connected and authentic to Emily herself

  • Content will get as much engagement and visibility on them as possible

  • Content should be written so the CEO does not organically have to be attached to social media but still has a strong and authentic online presence

  • Emily’s voice should be accurately represented in all podcasts, email and social copy

  • Content should be innovative, polarizing, against the grain and stand out from the norm

  • A consistent social media presence for the Hirsh Marketing brand that is unique and attracts the right followers / clients

  • All podcast and social media are created 2 weeks ahead of time at minimum so no team member is stressed about deadlines

  • Case studies that the sales team can leverage when people are on the fence that highlight both number results and life results for the client or student

We have lots of room for growth for our highest achievers. So, if you are ready to hit the ground running with a fast-growing company and take the digital marketing world by storm, please stop reading and apply today!

Salary: $58,000 annually + benefits

Note: Not Hiring in NY or CA

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