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Metabolic Living

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

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This is an exhilarating opportunity for a go-getter Senior Global Sales Recruiter that can source top talent and help us build our world-class international sales team for a rapidly growing (100+ team), self-funded, $40MM+ multi-channel DTC metabolic optimization company with a 4-year roadmap to hitting a billion in revenue by 2024. We're looking for a spirited recruiter that can hunt and find the right talent for our growing outbound and inbound sales team, with a focus on North, Central and South America. Our Senior Global Sales Recruiter will blast through challenges and figure out creative ways to secure confident, aggressive, and "seal the deal" mindset sales gurus, and bring them to our team.

Hello, my name is Jason Collett, Head of People for Metabolic Living, and I need your help. For the past 9 years we've been quietly tinkering with our business model. And now that we've architected robust health, wellness, and fitness solutions, we're hitting the gas. We've grown our business 300% in the last 3 years with a goal of hitting $100MM in top line this year. However, to continue our growth - and deliver on our goal of becoming a billion-dollar multi-channel brand by 2024 - we need a strong, veteran sales recruiter who can aggressively help us build our world-class sales team. If you're hungry for a challenge, this is it.

And you'll have full executive support from the Founders, The Head of Sales, and HR, as we are focused on building our front-line sales team and need you to make it happen. You will develop the plan and drive the efforts to build our domestic and international salesforce. If you love a high-growth environment, can think and move fast yet inspire confidence in candidates, close the deal, and have a passion for health and fitness, please read on!

What are the Key Points?

  • Compensation: $100,000 - $125,000 including an Attractive Bonus (negotiable for right person)
  • Location: 100% Remote (virtual team of 100+ with no corporate office)
  • Benefits: Health/Dental/Vision/Disability/Life + Robust 401k + 15 Days PTO
  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EASTERN (regardless of where you live)
  • Culture: Human-first with High-Performing, Happy & Humble People (no jerks)
  • Personality: Obsessed with Details so We can Simplify the Complex for Others

Who Are We?

Metabolic Living is a self-funded, profitable, rapidly growing multi-channel DTC health and wellness company with 100+ on our team and on pace to more than double in 2021.

What makes us different than every other brand in the crowded health and wellness space is our integrated ecosystem-based approach to making a difference. We produce and sell the entire suite of products someone needs to optimize their metabolism, including nutraceuticals, functional foods/beverages, customized exercise and nutrition programs and 1-on-1 and group coaching.Most companies provide 1-2 of these solutions, but we provide them all. This is not a future vision thing, it's a now thing, the products are already there, we're just scaling them out now.

And it's all based on our proprietary Metabolic Optimization System (or Metabolic OS) that combines extensive practitioner wisdom and scientific research with machine learning and AI to deliver a truly customized consumer experience. That true customization combined with our true integration of all elements of our ecosystem delivers the true transformation that all consumers want.

Rather than a rigid one-sized-fits-all approach like Paleo, Vegan, Keto, etc. we empower you with our flexible Metabolic OSframework that's 100% customized to you. It allows you to get results fast and to sustain those results as your body, mind and daily life changes as you age. Without this flexible framework, those rigid approaches ultimately backfire, leaving you worse off.

What's Our Past and Future?

We built everything organically in reverse, starting with our first nutrition program in 2012, then our first exercise program in 2014 and then launching our full ecosystem of products, including nutraceuticals, functional foods, subscriptions, memberships, 1-on-1 coaching and more.

And now we're centralizing everything under our new brand, Metabolic Living, with our flagship e-comm website launching in March, with our app launching quickly thereafter. Normally, companies launch with a brand and then figure out how to make money. We did that in reverse - pinpointing pain points, curating world-class products, validating product-market match, generating cash flow to self-fund our growth, building out our operational team along the way and then retrofitting the brand on top. Strange path, but here we are. Read our full story here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/metabolic-living/about/.

What's Our Culture Like?

We're serious about high-performance, so our culture is built around deep work to allow uninterrupted time for the intense concentration needed to deliver world-class performance. At the same time, real collaboration and transparency is critical to keep us all in alignment and keep office politics out of the equation. These aren't just talking points - we've implemented specific policies, for example:

  • A standardized 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. ET schedule to protect your personal and family time
  • No meetings before 1 p.m. ET to empower you with 4 hours truly of deep work to GSD
  • Daily huddles and weekly 1-on-1s to support your ability to focus on what matters most

What Type of Person Are We Looking for?

The ideal fit is someone who has been-there-and-done-that and built a global sales team from scratch. With things moving fast, wise judgement and clean recruiting needs to come fast and be intuitive from previous learnings.

We aren't just looking for a tactical person that can make calls and be focused on Time to Fill, we are looking for a Rock Star to blow us away with bringing in the right sales talent that stick with us to grow our sales department. Instead of measly bonus tied to time, we reward based upon the sales team's performance. So, the better salespeople you find, the more money you make. We're looking for a strong strategic visionary as well. Someone who brings a strategic mindset to the sales talent acquisition table, driving to establish our global footprint, pinpointing the best sales talent to accelerate our growth and bringing a unique, diligent, and focused work ethic that delivers results.

It's not just pounding the phones that this new Sales Recruiter will deliver, it's also building strategic pipelines, recruiting networks, creative virtual events, and tactical day-to-day pipeline building, leveraging technology and remote systems to build a unstoppable sales team. We need the best, as our growth unfolds. And we need you to help us find them.

Should You Apply?

So, if after reading this it's screaming "this is for me", you're that confident person who can easily toggle between presenting, recruiting, and closing a job offer. You can spot top talent and "see" personality and cultural alignment, while also identifying amazing sales talent, and...

  • You LOVE organizing, presenting, and interviewing mass virtual hiring events...
  • You LOVE quickly assessing top talent and have a keen eye for "right fit" salespeople...
  • You LOVE developing and executing fast-paced recruiting tactics that drive results...
  • You LOVE finding salespeople that align with a job and a culture so that they in turn thrive...
  • You LOVE architecting processes in an ambiguous environment so you can autonomously win...

... then please read on as you're an ideal fit and we'd love to talk to you ASAP!

What are the Strategic Goals?

  • Enhance Strategic Growth - Immediately plan, organize, and deliver virtual mass hiring events domestically and in Costa Rica, to build our international sales team.
  • Optimize Systems - Leverage Workable ATS to maximize efficient job postings and candidate culling on LinkedIn, Indeed, Job Boards, and other applications to build the sales talent pipeline.
  • Build the Brand - Demonstrate the highest legal, ethical, and moral recruiting practices to represent our brand in the most exceptional light possible.
  • Attract and Retain Top Talent - Find and close on the "best fit" salespeople to ensure immediate results and ensure retention and growth for long-term success.
  • Architect Data-Driven Environment - Assemble the necessary mindset, skillset, and toolset to make data-driven decision as easy and transparent as possible.


What are the Required Skills, Experience and Traits?

  • 5+ years' experience Global Sales Talent Acquisition, preferably in a fast-paced sales environment, focused on both front-line sales and sales management positions. 
  • Deep experience sorting through mass candidate pools to quickly find top sales talent that will thrive in our culture and be exhilarated by our mission of making healthy living easy. 
  • Ability to quickly establish targeted sourcing and mass recruiting, specifically in Central America, with a concentration in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and other Latin American regions. 
  • Expert-level, working knowledge using Workable ATS, Indeed and LinkedIn Recruiter Seats, External Recruiters, and industry specific job boards. 
  • Experience with collaborating with a high-performing team to support development of excellent on-boarding and retention strategies. 
  • High degree of professionalism, collaboration, effective communication teamwork and individual contributor skills. 
  • Ensure organizational and international compliance with laws and regulations regarding recruiting. 
  • Proficient English and Spanish fluency desired. 
  • Bonus points if you have worked in a virtual, fast-paced, start-up, or Health, Wellness, or Nutrition Company, and have experience working across multiple time zones.

If this sounds like a good fit, if you're excited to do something challenging and meaningful that preserves your ability to enjoy life to the fullest, then please apply ASAP as we can't wait to meet you!


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