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Executive Assistant At A Revolutionary Fashion Company


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Are You Resourceful, Analytical, And Hungry For A Challenging Executive Assistant Role…

Join This Revolutionary Data-Driven Apparel Company And Build An Exciting Career In Fashion

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You've been in an administrative or assistant role for a few years now and you’re great at what you do.

Coordinating meetings, interacting with different departments and juggling multiple projects at once are your superpowers. You’re energized by the responsibility and fast-paced nature of it all.

But...you're ready for something different. 

Something with:
  • More hands-on responsibilities 
  • More room for growth and development 
  • More space for problem-solving

You’re hungry for a change.

If this is you, this role might be exactly what you're looking for.

This page could literally change the course of your career. But only if you keep reading.

First, though, a little bit about us...

Who We Are

Divbrands challenges traditional fashion brands by providing a superior, Direct-to-Consumer shopping experience.

Here's how we're different:
  • Data. This is the fuel to our engine. While others shoot in the dark, we get insights no one else can.
  • Creativity. It's what enables us to disrupt. No idea is absurd. We take risks and break the rules.
  • Mindset. We're not only forward-thinking but also forward-doing. We don't walk when we can run.

This mix has been incredibly successful. We've seen massive growth in a short period. Our team is 100+ people strong after just four years of launching our first brand.

To keep up with our growth and our ambitious plans for the future, we need your support for our Vice President (VP) Of Consumer Products And Apparel Merchandising. 

Her name is Katharina and we’d like you to join her team as an Executive Assistant. You’ll be Katharina's right hand, helping her with the increasing amount of work in this area of our business. 

You’ll also be one of the first to join her growing team. Which means that there are lots of new things to design, test and implement.

It’s kind of like joining a start-up within a start-up. And we’re counting on you to hit the ground running and help make it all happen!
But what's in it for you? Why would you want to join us?

7 Reasons To Join Divbrands As A Executive Assistant

1. Huge Opportunity For Growth

Divbrands has been around for four years, and business is booming. 

We've launched over 250 products for four brands, and we've sold almost a million items in 30 countries. We're expanding fast, and if you can keep up, you'll widen your skillset pretty quickly. 

Your fantastic analytical skills will support us in anticipating and delivering what consumers want. And this will help power our long-term success. 

We have an ambitious vision for our company. And if you excel in your role, you'll be part of that vision, too. 

If you want a job with growth potential, this is it.

2. You’ll Never Be Bored

It's easy to be uninspired at work when you're doing the same things over and over again. It makes you feel like you have no room for creativity. Or as if your job doesn't matter. 

That won't be the case at Divbrands. Here you'll be doing a little bit of everything. What's "everything"?

On a typical day, you might:
  • Support the roll-out of a new seasonal strategy.
  • Report on current market trends and opportunities.
  • Schedule and participate in company-wide meetings
  • Research our competitors to see how we can stay ahead.

There'll always be something new to learn, do, and improve. And we're counting on you to see it all through.

If you're up for the challenge, we want you on our team.

3. Let Your Problem Solving Skills Shine

Issues are inevitable when we're moving as fast as we are. New things come up every day - sometimes every hour! 

But while others shrink in the face of a challenge, you embrace it because you know it's normal for a growing business. 

You'll be juggling many different things in this role, but you're ready to impress us with your resourcefulness and go-getter attitude.

Whether it's solving a fabric issue or looking for ways to keep a new production within our budget, you won't stop until you figure it out.

So If you're passionate about finding the best solutions to interesting problems, this job is for you.

4. Take Ownership Of Your Work

We don't believe in hand-holding, and frankly, Katharina doesn't have the time for it. We'll explain what needs to be done and rely on you to do it.

You'll be managing lots of projects on your own, and while you’ll get the chance to work with other teams now and then, it's up to you to successfully complete your tasks.
Of course, we'll support your learning and development in any way we can because your success matters.
But you will be expected to make your own decisions and work independently on your assignments.

If you're ready to hit the ground running, join our team.

5. Be The Right-Hand To An Experienced Leader

Rushed decisions, shifting priorities, and lack of experience are difficult to deal with for any employee. But especially when these things come from your manager.

Luckily, that’s not the case in this role. 

Katharina has over ten years of leadership experience in our industry. Working closely with her, you’ll learn what it takes to successfully execute our strategy for product development, buying, merchandising and more.

Because Katharina only recently joined our team, she has a lot to do in order to bring that strategy to life. So we’re counting on you to support her and help make it all happen.

If you enjoy lifting others and helping them succeed, here’s your opportunity to do so.

6. Help Revolutionize Fashion…

Traditional fashion brands are in trouble. Retail is at its lowest point ever, as e-commerce is taking over the industry.

To survive, fashion brands must be flexible, data-based, and driven by user behavior. Those that aren't will fail.

Divbrands has been ahead of the curve for over four years now. We're showing the traditional brands how it's done.

If revolutionizing the way people shop for fashion excites you, come work with us.

7. And Have Fun Doing It

We're young, light-hearted, and irreverent, but we're serious about what we do. We play hard, and we play to win. 

With employees from 15 different countries, we have a vibrant, diverse, playful, and performance-driven culture.

If that sounds like something you might enjoy, applying to work with us might be the best career choice you'll ever make.

What Will You Do?

  • Provide daily support to Divbrands’ VP of Consumer Products & Merchandising, Katharina 
  • Manage projects within our apparel & footwear division, in close cooperation with Katharina.
  • Monitor and report on KPI performance.
  • Gather and present findings on market and consumer research.
  • Help with budget planning and control.
  • Act as our department’s principal point of contact person both internally and externally.
  • Develop and improve our department’s best practices. 
  • Other general administrative tasks.

Here's What We Expect From You

  • You have at least 2-3 years of experience in a similar role (experience in the fashion industry is ideal but not required).
  • You’re proficient with Excel, PowerPoint, and other MS office products in analyzing and presenting data.
  • You know how to set priorities and meet tight deadlines.
  • You communicate effectively with people from all levels of the company. 
  • You’re familiar with financial basics, i.e., budget planning/control (ideal but not required). 
  • You have experience in process management (ideal but not required).
  • You can work the hours we expect from you (see below).

Katharina is based in Europe. We're looking for someone who can work regular CET business hours. We expect at least 7 hours of overlap between our workdays.  

The starting salary for this role is EUR 1,500 - 2,000/month before tax.

This is a full-time position, and we expect your complete focus and dedication.
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