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Rails Pro Wanted

Posted Feb 28

Secret Benefits
Headquarters: The World

Are you an amateur? Someone who enjoys talking code theory but rarely ships? Do you like to overcomplicate, and see pragmatic development principles as another theory to discuss, rather than work by? Do you need meetings and micromanagement to feel important and hide the fact you’re not producing anything valuable?

If you answered yes to any of the above, please stop reading now. Find yourself a nice startup in San Fran that has reached it’s series Z round of funding for a product no one wants and that is still in beta. I’m sure they'll be happy spending someone else’s money to pay you an exorbitant rate for producing little.

We're a small team building a big sugar dating site, we get shit done and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re looking for another Rails pro. Someone who likes taht we don’t have meetings, and everyone’s too busy shipping to look over your shoulder and make sure you're doing the same. You'll enjoy the freedom to express yourself and have a say in the design and function of what you build. 

You’ll love the fact there's nowhere to hide if you’re not producing, you’re a pro after all. We need you to have experience shipping code on user-facing sites. You will learn and teach in this position, just not the basics. 

Initially you'll join the team for a trial - perhaps as a part-time reprieve from the bureaucracy of your day job. We’re bootstrapped and care about profit but have the means to reward you well if you’re creating value. Do the work and we’ll enjoy many years of creation together. We have no interest in becoming a giant team that’s hard to manage, so hopefully you're the last back end dev hire we ever need to make.

If you were mildly entertained, or want a job we would love to hear from you! Tell us about the user-facing work you've shipped, and why we’d be stupid not to hire you. Bonus points if you’ve developed for mobile or social apps before.


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