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Stop dreaming, start working remotely! Use these remote work resources to land your dream remote job + elevate your remote career.
Ready to ditch the stressful commute and soul-crushing cubicle to embrace the flexibility and freedom of remote work? We've got you covered!  🙌

These remote work resources are your ultimate toolkit for everything you need to ace your remote job search and level up your remote career. 

You'll find essential reading materials (books, blogs, and newsletters), supportive remote work communities, remote work FAQs, tips for how to find remote jobs, remote work productivity hacks, and more!

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🛠️  Remote Work Resources: Start Here

How does remote work actually work? These guides outline everything from the benefits of a remote work career and how to get started to remote work FAQs for beginners:

Explore Google's Remote Work Toolkit for digital tools, tips, and resources to help you thrive in a remote work environment.

Learn the basics of how to work from home with Toggl's best tips for working remotely. Discover how to set up a productive workspace, use the tools of the trade, follow remote work etiquette, keep your mental health in check, manage a remote team, and more.

GitLab is one of the world’s largest all-remote companies, with over 1,500 team members in more than 65 countries! Their guide on how to work remotely compares hybrid vs. all-remote work benefits and features tips for evaluating work-from-anywhere jobs, adjusting to WFH life, communicating with your team, and how to be productive while working remotely.

Arc has curated knowledge from the remote community to give you actionable answers you can use right now. Content is sourced from key thought leaders, their network’s 350,000+ remote developers, trending Twitter threads, and top-cited articles.

📚  Best Remote Work Books: Fuel Your Brain

Knowledge is power, especially in the remote work game! These books offer an inside scoop on remote work culture and the strategies it takes to flourish in a virtual environment:

Dive into this classic that explores the benefits and challenges of remote work while offering practical advice on how to get it right.

Join author and former Microsoft manager Scott Berkun on his journey inside Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, and discover the inner workings of a successful remote organization. Spoiler alert: no one uses email or work schedules — and there are few meetings and even fewer rules!

Award-winning Harvard Business School professor and leading expert in virtual work, Neeley shares compelling insights from her research and offers strategies for building trust, delivering results, and achieving effective communication, collaboration, and productivity in dispersed teams.

This bestseller is among the most highly recommended books on remote work success. It will teach you powerful techniques for cultivating focused work and getting things done, even when your cat decides your keyboard is its new napping spot. 

Ready to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle? Kayla Ihrig shows readers how to transition to remote work, travel the world, and sustain a successful career while living life on your own terms.

Written by some of Lonely Planet's nomadic experts, this must-read is divided into two sections. The first half explains the practicalities of digital nomad jobs, while the second showcases the most ideal work destinations, invaluable travel insights, and stunning photos to inspire your next adventure.

Christopher Littlefield is an International/TEDx Speaker, Harvard Business Review Ascend Contributor, and employee appreciation and recognition expert. Low on reading and high on action, his book shows team leaders how to make remote meetings, one-on-ones, and day-to-day virtual interactions more engaging and productive.

📝  Best Remote Work Blogs and Newsletters

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest remote work tips, trends, and expert advice by subscribing to these trusted blogs and newsletters:

The WWR Blog is your one-stop shop for everything you need to excel in the virtual workspace! Learn how to impress potential employers, improve your remote work skills, and skyrocket your career with our quick tips and productivity hacks.

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The first media brand for remote workers, by remote workers, That Remote Life features expert interviews on their podcast, long-form articles on their site, and a daily newsletter packed with the latest news, tips, events, tech, and developments in remote work.

Join the Buffer team as they share what they’re learning about building a company that approaches remote work from a fresh perspective. Check out stories about their favorite productivity and team-building tips, AI's emerging role in their workplace, pointers from industry leaders, and more. 

Dedicated to unleashing the potential of every team, you'll score practical and well-researched career advice, inspiring stories, and thoughtful perspectives from industry experts around the world.

Canopy (formerly Know Your Team) is a place for leaders to grow and feel supported while feeling more connected to their coworkers — something that can be challenging in remote workspaces. Their blog offers tips for how to become a better leader and avoid being a bad boss.

🫶  The Best Remote Work Communities: Find Your Tribe

Building a remote career doesn't have to be a solitary journey. Connect with fellow remote workers in these online communities for support, advice, and a healthy dose of camaraderie:

Reddit is home to several thriving communities of remote workers who share job postings, offer advice on navigating the remote work landscape, and keep each other informed of the latest trends and news. 

Ask questions, find support, celebrate wins, share memes, and make friends on these subreddits for remote workers:

Nomad List has been awarded Best Remote Work Tool and Best Travel App honors. They offer members-only access to a wealth of resources for living and working remotely, including in-person events and meetups for digital nomad communities across the planet.

The free members-only RemotelyOne channel — recognized by Owl Labs as a Top Slack Community for Remote Workers — lets you connect with others who understand your WFH challenges. Meet new people, share resources, network, and more! 

Workfrom members have added 16,870+ laptop-friendly spaces worldwide for remote workers to discover. Join their Slack community to chat live with members, participate in 24/7 coworking sessions, ask questions, and build meaningful connections in the virtual workspace.

🔎  How To Find Remote Jobs: Best Resources

Use these resources to find your dream role, showcase your skills and experience, and convince employers you're the perfect fit for their remote team:

Best Remote Job Hunting Guides

Best Remote Work Resume + Cover Letter Tips

Best Remote Interview Advice

🚀  Unlock Your Remote Career Potential!

Ready to conquer your remote work goals? Bookmark this guide and start using these pro-level resources to embark on your remote work journey with confidence. 

Remember, working remotely is a journey, not a destination. Keep leveling up your remote work skills, connect with your remote work community, and always check We Work Remotely for the latest remote jobs from the top remote companies hiring

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Last update: May 2024

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