Remote Career Paths: Exploring Different Remote Job Industries

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There’s a remote career path for every skill, passion, & experience level in these fastest-growing remote job industries. Find yours now:

If rush-hour commutes, crammed cubicles, and rigid work schedules aren’t your jam, experts say nearly 40% of jobs can now be done remotely [*].

With remote hiring up a staggering 223%, it’s never been a better time to realize all the benefits of working from home vs. the office [*].

WFH jobs give you more freedom, flexibility, and work-life balance. They also help you save money and earn up to 58% more than non-remote workers [*]. 

Plus, you can clock in from your couch or live more adventurously as a digital nomad, traveling while working remotely from a cat cafe in Tokyo, a bustling train ride through Europe, or a cabana in Bali.

But here’s the most exciting part: everyone can find a remote career path aligned with their goals, passions, experience, and skills.

So whether you’re a tech guru, creative genius, marketing maestro, or healthcare hero, it’s time to ditch the outdated notions of what your job should look like.

We’re exploring the ever-expanding remote work universe to chart your course for professional success.

Remote Career Paths In the Top 10 Remote Job Industries

Remote workers are in high demand now, and they’ll play an even bigger part in shaping the future of work

Working remotely is good for career building because it breaks down barriers and opens doors for talented, self-disciplined professionals from all walks of life. It’s a meritocracy that values results and rewards productivity.

You can land a high-paying remote job with no experience, degree, or secret handshake if you can show employers you have the drive and know-how to ace your responsibilities.

So let’s find the remote career path with your name on it by scoping out the fastest-growing remote job industries hiring:

🖥️ Technology

Advancements in the technology industry paved the way for the remote work revolution. Now many of the highest-paying remote jobs are in tech. 

The best opportunities include:

  • Remote Front-End Programming jobs. Create and implement a website or application’s visual and interactive elements to boost the user experience.
  • Remote Back-End Programming jobs. Develop and maintain the server-side components of a website or application, handling data storage, security, and logic that enables the front-end to function seamlessly.
  • Remote Full-Stack Programming jobs. Code both the front-end and back-end components of a website or application, enabling end-to-end functionality and seamless user experiences.
  • Remote Data Scientist and Data Analyst jobs. Data Scientists analyze complex datasets, develop statistical models, and more. Data Analysts examine and interpret data to identify patterns, trends, and valuable intel for businesses. Demand for data gurus is growing 36% faster than all other jobs in the US [*].
  • Remote DevOps jobs. To streamline the software development lifecycle, you’ll bridge the gap between development and operations by implementing automation, continuous integration, and the best deployment practices.
  • Remote Sysadmin jobs. Manage and maintain technical infrastructure, such as servers, networks, and systems, to ensure optimal performance, security, and availability.

Jobs for developers and programmers are projected to grow 25% in the next 10 years [*]. Check out this guide on How To Find Programmer Remote Jobs if you want one of them!

🎨 Design

When it comes to jobs you can do remotely without a degree, look no further than the design realm. Remote work gives creative professionals the freedom and inspiration to work on diverse projects and collaborate with clients around the globe.

  • UX/UI Designer. Being responsible for the user experience and user interface of websites and apps, you’ll make products more usable, enjoyable, and accessible.
  • Graphic Designer. Use visual elements, typography, and your creativity to design visually appealing and impactful graphics, illustrations, and layouts for print, digital, branding, and more.
  • Video Editor. Videos deliver higher engagement rates, and companies need creatives to tell their compelling stories and share messages using the best visual and auditory elements.
  • 3D Designer. Create three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects with specialized software to bring ideas and concepts to life in immersive and realistic ways.

A dynamite portfolio will help you stand out in the ultra-competitive design world. Then you’ll land everything from entry-level remote jobs to those highest on the career ladder.

📱 Product 

The product industry is an ideal path for people who are creative and analytical. Since you’ll likely be part of a large global team, you must also have excellent communication and collaboration skills.

  • Product Designer. You’ll work with a team of engineers and product managers to ship products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Product Manager. Responsible for the overall success of a product, you’ll oversee the entire process from development to launch ensuring everything stays on-time and within budget.
  • Product Marketing Manager. Part product and part marketing, you’ll work with the team to design marketing campaigns to help the product gain exposure, drive users, and capture sales. 

Experts say 43% of companies plan to hire more product managers, so opportunities should be plentiful well into the future [*]. 

📣 Sales & Marketing

Want a job where you can work remotely from anywhere? A role in sales and marketing may be right up your alley. 

Leveraging your stellar communication skills and market research, you’ll strategize, promote, and sell products or services that skyrocket business growth and achieve revenue targets.

  • Sales Development Representative. Qualify leads and set appointments for sales representatives.
  • Sales Representative. Engage with potential and existing customers to match them with the right products and services for their needs. 
  • Content Marketer. Create content (such as blog posts, video scripts, ebooks, etc.) that attracts, engages, and teaches customers about a company’s products or services.
  • Email Marketer. Create email templates, manage email lists, and track email campaigns designed to capture, engage, and convert subscribers to loyal, repeat customers.
  • Social Media Marketer. Managing a company’s social media presence includes creating and publishing content across multiple platforms, interacting with followers, tracking social media metrics, and more.
  • Marketing Manager. Oversee a team of marketing professionals, monitor their progress and key performance indicators, and use those metrics to help them reach the company’s sales goals.

Many of these positions require strong writing skills, familiarity with marketing platforms, A/B testing experience, and a knowledge of basic sales principles.

💼 Management & Finance

Who says you have to wear a stuffy business suit to land a white-collar job?

Trade aspirations of the corner office for working from a mountainside retreat with remote Management and Finance jobs like:

  • Business Analyst. Develop solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness for companies.
  • Financial Analyst. Analyze financial data and provide insights into a company’s financial health and performance. 
  • Legal Assistant. Provide administrative and legal support to lawyers by researching legal precedents, drafting documents, and managing case files. 
  • Actuary. Analyze historical data and statistics to predict and measure risk for insurance, finance, and investment companies. Actuary roles are growing 20% faster than other jobs in the US [*].
  • Virtual Assistant. Deliver administrative, organizational, and logistical support to people or businesses, efficiently managing tasks, schedules, and communications to enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Remote companies hiring these professionals score the ability to develop diverse remote teams, reach more clients, and save money on pricey office spaces (and all the overhead that goes with them).

🩺 Healthcare and Wellness

Healthcare was one of the hardest-hit industries to lose talent during the Covid-19 pandemic and The Great Resignation. Talent shortages now mean there’s a plethora of (very lucrative!) healthcare roles.

Working remotely allows healthcare professionals to expand their reach and provide vital services to underserved patient populations in urban and rural areas. 

The best remote healthcare jobs include:
  • Virtual Health Coach. Support, guide, and help clients achieve their health and wellness goals.
  • Telehealth Therapist. Use video conferencing tools to provide therapy sessions and build rapport with clients remotely. 
  • Remote Nurse Practitioner. NP jobs are growing 40% faster than other jobs in the US [*]. Working remotely allows you to share medical advice through telemedicine video apps from home.

If caring for people is your life’s calling, healthcare roles are quickly becoming one of the best jobs you can do remotely while traveling. Get your digital nomad visa info here!

🍎 Education & Training

If you enjoy feeding knowledge to hungry brains, consider a career in online learning. Remote jobs in education are expanding to include:

  • Online Instructor or Virtual Tutor. Use video conferencing software to teach courses, tutor, and hold online classes with students worldwide.
  • eLearning Content Development. Create and develop eLearning content, such as courses, modules, study guides, and assessments. 

Working remotely in education enables you to reach a broader audience than students who reside solely within your zip code. You’ll also get to create your personal WFH schedule.

👥 Customer Support 

There’s no question that support jobs are best for working remotely when you don’t have experience. Demand is super high, and the top remote companies will train you to exceed customer expectations in no time.

Unlike in-person support centers, remote support jobs offer flexibility, lower stress, and many other benefits to boost job satisfaction.

  • Customer Service/Support Representative. As the frontline of customer assistance, you’ll answer questions, resolve issues, and ensure positive customer experiences. 
  • Technical Support Specialist. Got a knack for tech? Help customers troubleshoot problems, install software, and answer technical questions.

Thanks to chatbots, AI-powered predictive phone trees, knowledge bases, and other emerging technology, support jobs have become easier, more rewarding careers than they used to be. 

💁 Check out our guide on How To Become a Remote Support Specialist next!

🤝 Human Resources (HR) & Recruiting

Every remote company needs a team of human resources experts to attract and retain top talent from all over the globe.

If your emotional intelligence and people skills are on point, consider remote HR and recruiting jobs such as: 

  • Recruiter or Talent Acquisition Specialist. Find, screen, and hire the best candidates for open positions using social media, online job boards, video conferencing, and networking.
  • Employee Relations Specialist. Help resolve employee conflicts and improve relations to ensure a positive and productive remote work environment. 
  • HRIS Manager. Work with the HR team to ensure a company’s human resources information system (HRIS) is used effectively to track employee data, manage benefits, and onboard new employees. 

HR can also help employees grow in their careers while working from home, which more organizations are prioritizing in 2023 and beyond.

🚚 Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain management casts a wide net for remote talent because there are so many moving pieces in the SCM puzzle. 

As more SCM operations move to the cloud, these jobs are becoming more popular:

  • Remote Supply Chain Operations Specialist. Plan the systems, structures, and processes that facilitate goods moving from supplier to customer.
  • Remote Transportation and Logistics Coordinator. Secure the most effective and cost-efficient distribution and transportation patterns for products worldwide.
  • Remote Strategic Sourcing Manager. Evaluate, select, and manage vendor partnerships, relying on data analytics to ensure they meet business goals.
  • Remote Procurement Specialist or Purchasing Specialist. Locate suppliers, negotiate purchasing agreements, and confirm materials and products meet the company’s specifications.

So now that you know the top 10 remote job industries poised for growth, it’s time for us to discuss:

Taking the First Step On Your Remote Career Path

There’s a tidal wave of opportunities in remote work tailored for every skill, passion, and career goal. Now it’s time to discover where you can thrive and excel.

Start browsing remote jobs on We Work Remotely today. Our remote job board is the number one destination to find legit work-from-home jobs all over the planet.

When you see your dream role, follow this three-step gameplan:

  1. Use this checklist to land a remote job with no experience, or add these skills to your resume if you do.

  2. Improve your remote job search with a quick and easy resume builder.

  3. Always update your cover letter for each job.

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