How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview

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Learning how to write a thank you email after an interview is one of the best tips to elevate your remote job search.

If your interview goes well and you’re well-qualified for the position, this final connection with hiring teams before they make their decision could be the edge you need to secure a job offer.

So what are the rules regarding interview thank-you note etiquette? Should you even send a thank you email after virtual interviews?

We’ll cover all these questions and share an example thank-you-email template in this guide. But first, let’s talk about why acing this task is worth your time.

3 Reasons To Write a Unique Thank You Email After an Interview

Do you really need to send a thank you email after an interview for a remote company? Technically, no. 

However, less than 20% of candidates score interviews for the roles they apply to. So if you crushed your interview for the remote job you’ve been dreaming about, don’t let that positive momentum slip away.

A short thank you email after an interview tells hiring teams that:

You’re a standout candidate. Most interviewees don’t send thank you emails to potential employers, which is excellent news for you. 

Sending a thank you note post-interview increases your odds of getting noticed and considered by remote hiring managers. Rather than being one of 15 applicants interviewed, you’ll become the one who took the time to show your appreciation.

This extra personal touch scores brownie points because it shows your drive, effort, commitment, and outstanding communication skills

You made a meaningful connection. A personalized thank you note reinforces your connection with hiring teams and keeps your interview top of mind come decision time.

They serve as the perfect last chance to show off the skills you bring to the table and how you’d fit in with the company’s culture, mission, and values.

You’re grateful for the opportunity. Hiring teams are busy. A thank you note instantly highlights which candidates are genuinely excited about the role versus those simply applying because they need a job.

Your appreciation for being considered proves you’re hungry for the chance to thrive within their organization.

Even if you don’t receive a job offer this time, the seeds you sow with a thank you note may help you become the first choice for a role that opens down the line.

That’s why you absolutely should send a thank you email after an interview, even for remote roles and virtual interviews. You’d be doing yourself a serious disservice by skipping this crucial step.

So let’s move on to:

How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview for a Remote Job

Now that you know why you should send a thank you email after a remote interview, use these five steps to craft yours:

Step 1: Gather Intel During Your Interview

Most job seekers only think about the thank you email once the interview is over. But that’s a big mistake.

Always take notes during your interviews. These will help clarify the role post-interview and give you topics to discuss in your thank you email.

Jot down these talking points on a notepad or take a mental note during your call. Don’t interrupt the flow of your interview to scribble down everything that’s been said.

Pay attention to connections that stand out, such as your personal alignment with the brand’s mission, unique skills they’re looking for, and any other relevant details you discussed.

Brain-dump these mental notes when your interview ends. Then you can organize them for your thank you follow-up message.

Step 2: Create the Perfect Subject Line

The message in your thank you email certainly matters more than your subject line. Unfortunately, a hiring manager may never read your message if your subject line stinks.

To get your post-interview thank you email subject to stand out in a sea of messages, make sure it includes:
  • The exact words, “Thank You”
  • The position you’re applying for
  • Your name

Follow this thank you email subject line template:

Subject Line: Thank You - [Job Title], [Name]

Here’s an example of what that looks like in action:

Subject Line: Thank You - SEO Specialist, Devan Ciccarelli

There’s no mistaking what that email is, so even the busiest hiring managers should see your expertly-crafted thank you note if you follow that format.

Step 3: Use this 5-Point Checklist

Every thank you email post-interview should contain these five elements: 

1. A proper greeting. Address your interviewer by the name they used during the interview. So, if they went by their first name, write “Dear [First Name,].

What about sending a thank you email after an interview with multiple interviewers? You could send an email to everyone whose email address you have. But it’s also acceptable to send one to the lead interviewer only.

2. Gratitude. Even though your subject line says thank you, you should start the body of your message with those words. Sprinkle in your feelings of appreciation and gratitude for being considered for this role.

3. Enthusiasm. You don’t need to shout it from the rooftops or USE ALL CAPS, but you should definitely mention how interested you are in this role and why. What’s the connection that draws you to this position or company?

Mention why you’d make an ideal fit and the specific skills you bring to the table.

Here’s where your interview intel comes into play. Touch on the specific talking points, moments, or highlights you discussed to help jog your hiring manager’s memory. They’ll see you’re a fantastic listener and pay close attention.

4. A call-to-action. If you spoke about the next steps in the hiring process during your interview, prove that you’re not just ready for what’s ahead but are looking forward to it.

Include a call-to-action to nudge the person on the receiving end of this message to follow through. For example: “Does Tuesday or Thursday work for our next interview round? Let me know, and I’ll send over a calendar invite.”

Your thinking ahead confirms you’re a candidate worth exploring.

5. More gratitude. End your message with a reiteration of gratitude and appreciation, so your thank you note ends positively and leaves a lasting impression.

In the next section, we’ll show you how to combine all these elements effectively with our thank you email template for remote workers. 

For now, let’s finish up the rest of your game plan.

Step 4: Give Your Email a Few Reads

Double and triple-check your thank you email to ensure it’s free of spelling and grammar errors and flows well. 

Next, read your message out loud and ask yourself how it sounds. Does it match your way of speaking and personality? Is that something you would say to the hiring manager in person?

Consider sharing your email with a friend to catch any mistakes.

Step 5: Send Your Email Within This Timeframe

You don’t need to send your thank you email right away. In fact, it’s better if you don’t.

Both you and your interviewer need a bit of breathing room to regroup and give everything you discussed some deeper thought.

Some experts recommend waiting 24 hours after your interview before sending one. However, even that timeframe may be too far out for ultra-competitive roles.

As a better rule of thumb, we suggest sending your thank you email a few hours after your interview

If your interview was later in the afternoon, send your thank you first thing the next morning. Your interviewer will be sure to see your message early on and before their inbox fills up.

AM interview? Send your thank you email later in the afternoon before the end of the day.

Whatever you choose, don’t wait too long to send over your thank you message. You want to capitalize on that positive momentum we spoke about earlier. The sooner you seal the deal, the better overall impression you’ll leave.

Now for the fun part:

Use this Thank You Email After an Interview Template

This easy-to-use template puts together all the tips in this post to help you craft the perfect thank you email post-interview. Save it now and use it after all your virtual interviews from here on out: 

Dear [whomever you interviewed with],

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and for discussing [the role you’re applying for] further. I appreciate the opportunity and am grateful for your consideration for the position.

During our call, I resonated with [something you picked up in the interview] and valued [another point worth mentioning that connects with you].

I also wanted to mention [why you’d be a great fit after discussing the role; make the connection from your interview].

It was really refreshing to hear that [mention something that connects to your core, for example, the brand’s mission, values, etc.].

Thank you again for considering me for this role. I would love to help [mention how you can add value to this company].

I look forward to taking the next steps with you and [company name]. [Finish with a call-to-action related to those next steps, such as another interview round, sending references, etc.].

All the best,
[Your name]

Here’s what that template looks like all filled in:

Dear Jack,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and for discussing the SEO Specialist position further. I appreciate the opportunity and am grateful for your consideration for the role (which I’m super excited about).

During our call, I resonated with your company’s mission to help small to medium-sized businesses reach their lead-generating targets. I have quite an extensive background in SEO and lead generation, so I’m confident I can help your clients achieve their goals.

It was really refreshing to hear that Firebrand Marketing Agency prioritizes a healthy work-life balance. That’s incredibly important to me as well.

I also thought it was cool that your team holds House of the Dragon watch parties together — I’m a huge fan and would love to join those!

So thank you again for considering me for this SEO Specialist role. I know I’ll work hard to take your marketing agency to the next level.

Until we chat again, I look forward to our next interview round. Does Tuesday or Thursday work? Let me know, and I’ll send over a calendar invite.

All the best,
Devan Ciccarelli

Sending a Short Thank You Email After an Interview: The Next Steps

You now have everything you need to send a fantastic thank you email post-interview and boost your chances of getting hired. We’re sure you’ll become their top candidate!

However, if you don’t hear back from your interviewer, wait five to seven business days before reaching out for a follow-up. 

Don’t take it personally if you learn that job’s not The One. We Work Remotely is loaded with the world’s best remote job listings, and one of them will be your ideal fit.

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