How To Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Questions

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Follow our 3-step formula for how to answer “Tell me about yourself” interview questions to replace confusion with confidence!

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The Tell me about yourself interview question is a classic staple that carries a lot more weight than meets the eye. But it can be a total head-scratcher.

What do hiring teams and recruiters really want to know? How long should this answer be? Should you share your entire life story? Summarize your LinkedIn profile? 😬 Cue: panic and confusion!

That’s why this guide on how to answer “Tell me about yourself” questions has all your bases covered. You’ll learn what to avoid, how to craft perfect “Tell me about yourself” sample answers, and score a few “Tell me about yourself” examples to follow.

So let’s jump in by uncovering why you’re being asked this question in the first place.

What Hiring Managers REALLY Want To Hear

Your answer isn’t just a polite introduction to your remote interviewer — it sets the tone for the entire conversation. What you say shows hiring teams who you are beyond your resume and cover letter, giving them a peek at your personality, qualifications, and whether you’ll vibe with their company culture.

But, contrary to most people’s first thought, they’re not looking for your autobiography. And they don’t want you to repeat all the skills you put in your resume. Here’s what they’re after:

The inspiration and passion behind your career journey. What kicked off your desire to pursue the remote career path you’re on? Passion and purpose drive professional progress; they want to know you have it.

Why this role and this company? This is your chance to show you’ve done your research (rather than applying to every remote job under the sun). They want you to express your enthusiasm for what makes this organization different and how you’ll shine as a team member.

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Your communication style. Can you articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely? Staying on topic, building rapport, and telling an engaging story all reveal clues about your overall communication skills — a must-have skill for remote work.

Now that you know more about the ultimate goal, we can move on to:

How To Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” Questions: Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t get caught unprepared or flustered in the moment. Do expect this question during your virtual interview prep and stick to these general guidelines:

❌  Avoid These Traps

  • Oversharing about your personal life. Keep it professional and relevant to the job. Save the life story and details about your pet or true crime binges for your autobiography.
  • Rambling or going off on tangents. Aim for short and sweet. Each point you make should align with what’s mentioned in the job ad. If it’s not relevant, don’t mention it.
  • Negativity or complaining. Don't speak poorly about your current or past jobs and experiences. Focus on the positives and highlight the skills you gained.
  • Being completely generic. Avoid cliche statements like “I’m a hard worker and a team player.” Don’t shoot off a laundry list of skills from the job ad. Show them what makes you unique and valuable.
  • Saying you don’t have much experience or don’t know much about the company. Do your research and highlight transferable skills. You actually can land high-paying remote jobs with no experience.

✅  Always Include These

  • A strong opening sentence. Start with a confident introduction that includes your name, current role (if applicable), and a brief overview of your unique selling points.
  • Highlights from your career journey. Briefly share 2–3 key accomplishments demonstrating your relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications for the role.
  • Your connection to the company. Mention why you’re interested in the company. What excites you about their mission, values, or culture? Try to weave in a personal anecdote that relates to the company values to show you’re genuine about them.
  • A forward-looking statement. Summarize your career goals and how this role aligns with them. This shows you’re thinking long-term and invested in your professional growth. It also gives the interviewer a positive impression of your enthusiasm for the opportunity and the next steps.

Now let’s turn those do’s and don’ts into a game plan!

The 3-Step Formula for “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Questions

“Tell us about yourself” answers should be around two minutes long. Like your resume and cover letter, they should be tailored to each role you apply for. Follow this easy 3-step formula to craft compelling answers that start your interview on the right foot:

1. The Hook (30 Seconds) 🔥
Grab your interviewer’s attention from the get-go with a solid introduction! Briefly introduce yourself and your passions, what attracts you to the company/position, and how your skills and goals align with their mission.

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  • Hi! I’m Emma, a content creator with four years of experience crafting engaging content for tech startups. Ever since my days as a D&D Dungeon Master, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller. So after I earned my Creative Writing and Marketing degrees, I honed my skills creating social media posts that resonate with Gen Z audiences. Now I’m thrilled to interview for the Social Media Manager role to expand my skill set, lead a team, and contribute to achieving XYZ Company’s goals.

2. The Bridge (1 Minute)
The Bridge is the longest section, where you add the juicy details to pique your reader’s interest. But how you proceed here will depend on your experience. Here are your options:

Connect the dots (ideal for those with less experience). Briefly explain how your past experiences led you to where you are now and where you hope to go.


  • After I earned my certifications, I had the opportunity to intern at XYZ Company, where I sharpened my workflow and client-facing skills. But now I’m ready to join an ambitious team of designers full-time, and your role ticks off all my boxes for long-term professional growth. I’m also drawn to your company’s focus on employee well-being and work-life balance

Highlight the relevant skills and experiences you have for the job you applied for. Show your value and put your strengths on display.


  • As a full-stack developer with six years of experience building and maintaining web applications, I’ve become proficient in various programming languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript, along with frameworks like React and Django. Outside of work, I contribute to an open-source project that develops educational coding tools for children. I’ve used Git and Agile methodologies for efficient collaboration, which I’m excited your team also stands behind. So I’m confident my skills and experience align perfectly with the requirements of this role.

Quantify your achievements. Always throw in some numbers and data; you’ll impress anyone interviewing you and solidify your place at the top of their lists.


  • As a marketing assistant, I managed the company’s Instagram campaigns, leveraging trending hashtags and audience engagement tactics to score 15% growth in our follower base, a 20% increase in qualified leads, and a 30% increase in conversions.

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Need some help showcasing your value? Use the STAR method to structure your stories!

  • Briefly describe the Situation
  • Explain the Task you were assigned
  • Detail the Actions you took
  • Emphasize the Result you achieved

3. The Landing (30 Seconds)
Now it’s time to bring it all home! End with a forward-looking statement emphasizing your excitement to take the next steps.


  • I’m eager to learn more about the team and how I can contribute to achieving your company’s goals.

Ready to put that formula to work?

💎  “Tell Us About Yourself” Examples
Use these “Tell me about yourself” examples as a starting point to weave your unique answer into an engaging story to tell:

No Experience? No Problem!
Hi, I’m Jamie! Not much happened in my small town, so I found excitement in video games. I’m 100% self-taught, splitting my education between online computer science and art and design courses, with the ultimate goal of making the type of video games I fell in love with. 

I’ve been working freelance with teams to push out new releases on time, but I really want to dedicate myself full-time to projects from start to finish. So when I saw this role with your company — the studio behind my all-time favorite game — I put everything on hold to apply. I’m excited to leverage my skills, pick up new ones, and help your team release the next soon-to-be viral classic.

The “Passionate Problem-Solver”
I’m Maya, a remote customer service specialist with three years of experience ensuring customer satisfaction. I enjoy the creativity and human connection involved in helping people find solutions and exceeding expectations. 

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In my current role, I implemented a new knowledge base that reduced customer call wait times by 20%. I applied for the Customer Support Manager position because I’m eager for a challenge and believe I have untapped leadership abilities. I’m drawn to your company’s mission to reduce tech waste, and I believe my problem-solving skills and passion for creating positive customer experiences would make me a valuable asset to your team.

The “Results-Oriented Remote Leader”
Hi there! I’m Jenny, a team leader with a proven track record of building and motivating high-performing remote teams. I always quit bad managers and vowed I would never become one. Now I have over five years of experience leading virtual teams across different time zones, fostering collaboration, and achieving results. The remote work mentorship program I implemented boosted employee engagement by 25% and eliminated first-year turnover in my department. 

I’m particularly impressed by your company’s emphasis on fostering a strong remote work culture and supporting employee mental health. My leadership style, coupled with my expertise in remote team management, would allow me to contribute significantly to your team’s growth and success.

The “Marketing and Sales Guru”
Hello! I’m Gavin, a digital marketing specialist with experience crafting and executing successful marketing campaigns for remote B2C companies. I was always that kid with the lemonade stand, and I created my first email campaign to help my sister sell Girl Scout cookies when I was 12. Now I’m skilled in various marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Buffer, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more. I take a data-driven approach to campaign optimization and enjoy diving into the numbers. 

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In my current role, I’ve increased brand awareness by 30%, generated a 25% increase in qualified leads, and boosted sales by 40% in just six months. I’m particularly interested in XYZ Company’s commitment to underserved communities — I’ve been there, and I know there’s more to life than making money. I’m excited to put my analytical skills and passion for creating impactful marketing campaigns to work and contribute significantly to your company’s growth.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Preparation is key to nailing your “Tell me about yourself” answer. So write out a few sample replies before your interview — and make sure they’re all around two minutes, tops. Practice them out loud in front of the mirror, with a friend, or even record yourself on video. You’ll refine your delivery, identify areas for improvement, and boost your confidence. 

Remember to smile, maintain eye contact, and project your voice clearly during the interview. Check out this guide for more remote job interview tips. You got this! 🙌

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