The Top Digital Nomad Slack Communities to Join Today

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Why are the top digital nomad Slack communities worth joining? Learn the benefits & discover the 4 best Slack communities for remote workers in this post.

Have you ever considered joining one of the top digital nomad Slack communities?

You probably already use Slack with your clients or company as a remote worker. This collaboration and messaging tool help you stay connected, communicate, and socialize no matter where you are.

But unless your team is also living the digital nomad life, you probably can’t ask their advice about the best coworking space nearby or which areas get the fastest WiFi.

That’s where digital nomad Slack communities come in.

These virtual meeting and instant chat hubs for traveling remote workers are a fountain of knowledge, tips, advice, and more. That’s why we’re sharing the top four digital nomad Slack communities you should consider joining today.

So let’s start with the benefits and find out why they’re way more fun than your work Slack channels.

Why Joining a Slack Community for Digital Nomads Helps You Thrive Professionally and Socially

Before you tell yourself you’re not joining an online community (or another one), you should know that Slack community:

Ward Off Feelings of Loneliness and Isolation + Help You Network with Like-Minded Remote Workers

It’s easy for feelings of isolation and loneliness to creep in when you’re working from home alone all day. In fact, those are the two most often reported challenges of remote work.

So you can multiply those feelings by 10 when you’re far from your family, friends, and support group for weeks or months at a time.

But just because you’re traveling often doesn’t mean you always have to be on your own.

Digital nomad Slack communities let you connect with people who understand exactly what you’re going through in this unique lifestyle. They’ll offer support and encouragement along the way.

You may also choose to meet up and socialize at digital nomad networking opportunities wherever you’re visiting. 

These deeper, community-building connections can be harder to make if you’re always on the move. However, finding community when you work remotely is essential if you want to succeed in this game.

Stay Informed and Learn New Insider Tips

Connecting with other digital nomads in Slack communities means you can share and ask for insider tips about your current or upcoming trips. 

People more familiar with the area can point you to quiet libraries, affordable coworking spaces, expat hangouts, and more. They can also help explain local customs, discuss up-to-date travel restrictions, answer questions about tax laws as a digital nomad, etc.

You’ll have the chance to bounce ideas off others who are going through similar situations working remotely and traveling in real time.

This can all help you make the most of where you’re at or where you plan to go.

Plus, many digital nomad Slack communities hold regular AMAs (or “ask me anything” chats). 

Here, industry experts and experienced trekkers volunteer to answer community questions and share their insights. During these exclusive conversations, you’ll pick up vital nuggets of wisdom and intel to use to your advantage.

So now that we’ve solidified why digital nomad Slack communities rule, let’s highlight:

The Top 4 Digital Nomad Slack Communities You Should Join ASAP

If you’re hoping to “find your people” or become a member of a digital nomad tribe, consider joining one (or more!) of these Slack communities:

1. We Work Remotely 

With over 3M members, We Work Remotely (WWR) is the largest remote work community in the world. Our remote job board helps you find the best remote roles, and our growing Slack community provides the perfect place for support.

So whether you want to learn how to get started with remote work, excel at it, or work remotely while traveling, our community has all the answers you need. 

They’ll offer encouragement to get you through any challenge. And this like-minded hive of remote workers is always up for a friendly chat or brainstorming session. 

Just check out the We Work Remotely Slack channel to see what we mean. 😊

2. Nomads Talk

According to their site, Nomads Talk is the world’s fastest-growing digital nomads Slack community and another great place to connect with traveling remote workers.

It’s free to join Nomads Talk, just like the We Work Remotely Slack community.

They also have local channels full of insider tips and group discussions about topics like transportation, food, places to stay, and trip guides. 

3. Nomad List

Nomad List is another global community for traveling remote workers. 

Their unique features include the latest Covid travel updates, digital nomad visa help, and information about work permits. You can also attend meetups in their remote hubs.

Nomad List even lets you keep track of your previous and future trips. 

Need some inspo to chart your next adventure? Use their savvy filters to sort potential destinations by location or tags like “Clean Air Now,” “Warm Now,” “Hidden Gem,” etc.

4. Remotely One

Remotely One is a member’s only online community for location-independent professionals.

Their top-rated private Slack community is one of the largest. But to gain entry, you’ll need to complete an application process to verify your identity (and prove you’re not a robot). 

Once you pass this, you’ll be free to chat with other verified members from all over the globe. Dish about where you’re headed and the obstacles you’re up against, or share photos of your latest workspace.

We’re sure you’ll find your tribe on one or more of these Slack communities. So what are you waiting for?

Choose Your Adventure: Which Slack Community are You Signing Up For?

You now have four fantastic options to help you find and connect with digital nomads across the map.

So give one or more of them a try. You’ll make professional connections, learn new tips, discover an ever-growing list of places to visit, and inspire incredible friendships.

That’s the power of joining a digital nomad Slack community, which is why we can’t recommend them enough!

Join the We Work Remotely Slack channel now to score everything you need to thrive as a remote worker and digital nomad!

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