WWR Team: 2022's Recap And Our Hopes For 2023

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2022 is about to end so we thought this was a great opportunity to look into what made 2022 special for all of us at We Work Remotely.

We dived into our numbers, experiences, and all the things that kept us motivated to keep working and keep supporting this community. I (Justine, Marketing & Partnerships Lead and the person writing this blog post) asked our team to share their favorite experiences this year, along with the things they’re excited about in 2023. We'll also be sharing some of our favorite snapshots of the year. Starting with our fluffiest coworkers:

In this post, you’ll find a recap of those experiences, along with data that blew our minds! Plus, you’ll find out what we’re excited about next year!

We kept growing during 2022

To start, let’s look into some general numbers:

We’re so proud and happy to support millions of remote workers in their careers! If there’s anything that keeps us motivated is knowing that millions of people around the world rely on We Work Remotely to find remote jobs and to find remote talent. And, what’s more, we were so happy to see that our community is more and more global each year.

We improved WWR for job seekers

We launched a ton of features this year! After launching Curated Jobs in 2021, this was the year to build upon that and deliver you more features that would help you find your dream remote job faster and easier.

For Suresh, one of our devs, the follow company was one of the best features we launched this year. “My favorite feature release for this year has to be the ability to follow companies thus allowing the job seeker to receive near real-time mail alerts regarding the job posting.”

But that wasn’t all of it! We had other exciting launches like:

In 2022, we saw our community grow, and grow, and grow!

We supported remote companies to find more relevant candidates

And, speaking about remote companies, we also had some exciting things for them this year.

First, we revamped the company profiles. Now, companies can add more information about them, like benefits, remote culture, industry, and more. The goal is to help them stand out! Also, companies can now add skills to their job listings, making it easier to find more relevant candidates with a diverse set of skills.

Another exciting launch was the WWR Marketplace, where we’re offering special deals for remote companies from services we love and know.

Although we all know layoffs happened and many companies stopped hiring, we were happy to see that new companies posted at We Work Remotely and that we could keep supporting those who were still hiring.

Connecting with all of you kept us inspired 🖤

One of the things we love the most at We Work Remotely is to support you in your remote work journey, whatever that means. Every day, we reply to many messages with advice on how to start applying for remote jobs. Every day, we help companies find the remote talent they’re looking for. Our channels are always open and there will always be a human replying to your messages, that’s a guarantee!

Something we really enjoyed this year was organizing events to keep us even closer. In March, we organized our second Job Fair! It was my favorite thing this year because we not only connected all of you with amazing remote companies, but we also organized workshops and panels to give you the tools and skills to start applying for remote jobs. You can read the recap here.

For Wendy, our Operations Lead, another event was also the highlight. “With my coworkers spanning across the globe, we were able to come together and create ‘Stand Out For Remote Roles’, a webinar that helps developers land their next role.  As remote work continues to become more mainstream, I think it’s important to share sessions like this to give people a glimpse of what remote work life could look like and how to get hired.”

Also, big kudos to Wendy, that had to stay up at night to lead that webinar!

A bigger commitment to flexibility and remote work

We Work Remotely is a 100% remote company. When we hire, we look for the best people, no matter where they are or when and how they work. As long as we can communicate, finish our tasks, and help when it’s needed, that’s more than enough. That’s one of the reasons our commitment to flexibility and remote work is so big: we live it every day.

This year, some teammates left, which brought changes to our team. Of course, that meant new people joined and that our team dynamic evolved! We welcomed three new team members, Wendy, Aaron, and Jacob. Aaron joined to support marketing and product design, Jacob to take over our customer support department, and Wendy to be our new Operations Lead.

For Wendy, 2022 was a year of change. “2022 has been a huge change for me in terms of my career - I joined We Work Remotely in May and transitioned to a full-time remote worker! Despite working remotely on and off (depending on lockdown restrictions) over the last two years, the permanent change created an opportunity to work and meet a like-minded remote community.”

This brought exciting new opportunities for us to test our async abilities, since we’re now spread almost all over the world, from the Philippines to one of the most western parts of Canada. Plus, some of us took advantage of the borders now being open to travel around and keep working. Like Will, our Dev Lead, who traveled and worked during 2022:

My favourite part of 2022 was the fact that I was able to work while traveling across the U.K. and Europe. For over 3 months, I jumped around from Scotland to Germany, back to Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, back to Germany, and finally to France. Although I’ve worked remotely for over 5 years, 2022 was my first truly digital nomadic experience. It was well worth the wait.

Or me, the Marketing & Partnerships Lead, that did the same:

I loved that this year I could go to one of my best friend’s wedding in Mexico and that I could go back some months later to celebrate my own wedding I had postponed due to Covid. I also had the opportunity to visit other cities like Budapest, Vienna, Málaga, and Munich… all of this while working and having a team that supported my dreams of going to parties, concerts, and museums.

New time zones, and having people on the move mostly always, meant more organization and more written communication. We’re happy to say, we delivered. Our team is proof that people can prioritize their personal lives and still get work done!

Our wishes for 2023 🖤

2023 is already starting very soon and we’re super excited to keep working on exciting things. This is what we’re all looking forward to:

✈️ I’m excited to continue to work while traveling again in 2023! - Will

💖 As we wind down the year, I’m looking forward to continue growing our remote community across the globe. We have a strong presence in North America, however, I would love to meet with the remote community in Asia where I am based! - Wendy

🎶 I’m really looking forward to organizing more events next year and helping more people have the remote and flexible jobs they want and deserve. Also, I already have tickets for some concerts, so see you in 2023, Harry Styles and Jorge Drexler! - Justine

And, I’m ending with Suresh’s words (because they’re the best):

As I head toward my fourth year as a remote worker, I look forward to building bigger and better things. Being a remote worker has given me the privilege to schedule my work around my life. This is the conviction that inspires me to work at WWR and it's time that you too adopt this philosophy and be a part of the remote community. Head over to WWR to be a part of the remote community and make sure to go out and do something amazing with your lives ✨. Keep working hard 💪 and be nice to each other 😃 and I'll see you in 2023. 👋

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