Recap: Our First Async Remote Job Fair!

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Last March, we had our second Remote Job Fair. For this edition, we went full async, meaning we had pre-recorded workshops and panels, and we gave everyone the opportunity to keep interacting with companies even after the main event was over. This is how it went!

The Numbers

We had high expectations for this Job Fair as the one we organized last year sold out in only 5 days. We wanted this edition to be better! This year, we had more attendees and more interactions. These are some of the numbers that blew up our minds:

  • 2.1k job seekers attended
  • 121 countries were represented (there are 195 countries in the world, in case you were wondering)
  • More than 2k messages were exchanged publicly!
  • There were 1.6k replays of the workshops and panels after the Job Fair was over
  • If we put together all the hours people spent in the Job Fair, that’d be 14,637 hours. You could watch all the seasons of Game of Thrones 209 times in that time 😱

Exciting, right?

Although the numbers made us happy, it was your comments that really made us feel that all the effort we spent organizing the Job Fair was completely worth it. This is some of the feedback we got from you:

Thanks to all the amazing companies that made the Async Job Fair a successful event, we’re now making it possible for all of you to re-watch the content of the Job Fair. This Job Fair wouldn't have been possible without Sherpa, Remote, UpStack, komoot, Doist, and Shogun! 👋

In this post, you’ll find information about what people learned during the workshops and panels we had at the Async Job Fair. You’ll also find links to watch the complete videos on our YouTube channel.

First up, our workshops.

WWR Async Job Fair Workshops

We were very lucky to have super experienced people hosting workshops during this edition of the Job Fair. The information in these workshops answered many of the questions we get from our community at We Work Remotely. From the beginning, we knew they could be very helpful for all job seekers. Plus, we also had fun.

How to Effectively Apply for Remote Jobs Presented by Sherpa

We joined Asim Baksh from Sherpa to learn tips and tricks to make better applications! During this workshop, attendees learned about:

⌨️ Finding out what you want in a remote job
⌨️ Everything about sellable and transferable skills
⌨️ Cover letters, should you always send one?
⌨️ Where to find great remote jobs
📺 Watch the complete workshop here

How to Put Yourself Out There and Get Noticed Presented by Remote

Fabrizia Zanca, from Remote, shared with us all the experience she’s had as a remote worker, and remote career coach. In this workshop, we learned:
👋 Why it's important to "put yourself out there" and how it can help you land a remote job
👋 What to put out there and how
👋 How to reflect your online persona in your job application

📺 Watch the complete workshop here

Skills to Work Remotely Presented by komoot

Maria Fazikova and Rebecca Schiehle from komoot tell us all about the skills you need to work remotely! In this workshop, you'll learn:

🛠️ Which skills are valued by remote companies
🛠️ How to show you have those skills in applications and interviews
🛠️ How to develop and improve those skills
📺 Watch the complete workshop here

How to Have Successful Remote Job Interviews Presented by Upstack

Join Maja Petrovic and Adelina Coada from Upstack to get all the insights into having GREAT job interviews! In this workshop, we got to learn:

🎤 How to prepare for a job interview
🎤 What to do during the interview
🎤 How to follow up and why that's important
📺 Watch the complete workshop here

WWR Async Job Fair Panels

We had two panels during the Remote Job Fair. In both, we covered topics we believe are important when remote job hunting.

Location-Based Salaries Presented by Sherpa

Moderated by one of our favorite remote work advocates, Kate Smith, the Digital Nomad, this panel covered everything from what it means to have location-based salaries, how to handle them, if/why they matter, and more.
Joining Kate were Alex Tremaine from Sherpa, Staszek Kolarzowski from Pilot, and Kevin Kirkpatrick from We Work Remotely.
💻 Watch the panel here

Landing a Remote Job When You’re Not Based in the Us Presented by Remote

In an all-women panel 💪, we learned from Fabrizia Zanca from Remote, Soraya Koivisto from Viajeras Nómadas Digitales, and Meryoli Arias from Chili Piper.

Moderated by our Marketing & Partnerships lead at WWR, Justine Camacho, it was a very honest conversation on what it means to work in English when that’s not your first language, how to even start applying for remote jobs outside of your country, and how to work in an environment that most of the times is very culturally diverse.

💻 Watch the panel here

What’s Next

Job Fairs are some of our favorite events. These events are a great way to connect on a human level. We love getting to know who’s behind some of the best remote companies in the world and we really enjoy getting to know all of you through messages. Our Job Fairs aren’t only about connecting amazing remote companies with amazing remote workers, but an opportunity to learn from each other!

We hope to see you at our next Job Fair. 👋

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