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Don't feel like reading? 👀 Justine from Marketing and Justine from Product 👯‍♀️ walk us through company profiles and what to include to stand out as a remote company.  Check it out  ➡

If one of your top hiring challenges has been around remaining competitive as a remote company, you're not alone.

From our corner of the remote universe, we saw just over 3000 new companies post jobs on We Work Remotely -- up 75% from 2020.

This signalled us to prioritize feature improvements that ensure candidates stay engaged with you.

Stand out as a remote company and find candidates that align with your values.

Through chatting with our community of candidates, we observed that they are zeroing in on values-based criteria and prioritizing them higher during their job hunt. Job seekers are wondering:
  1. How intentional is the company's remote culture?
  2. What kind of remote company are they and how long have they been operating remotely?
  3. What benefits and perks does the company offer?
In other words, just like you, candidates are seeking teams and companies that align with their values.

Focusing on these three questions, we decided to give Company Live Profiles a bit of an uplift:

Here's what's new:

We've introduced a sidebar that allows candidates to see who your remote company is in a snapshot:

1. Company Size
Candidates want to know the scale of the organization and operations to determine how potentially efficient and profitable the company is.

2. Industry
Previously, it wasn't clear which companies were tied to what industry. If candidates wanted to browse remote jobs that were in healthcare, for example, that wasn't an option. But, now it is!

3. Established
This field refers to the year the company was established. Showcase whether you're a young startup or seasoned business -- both are boast-worthy!

4. Years Remote
This new field displays the range of years the company has been operating remotely for. With so many organizations that are now remote, the companies that helped start the remote movement weren't getting seen. Now, candidates can see this information clearly and incorporate it into their research and decision-making.

You'll also see new tabs that give you space to be transparent, share your highlights and provide more details:

1. About
Who are you as a business? 

2. Culture 
What makes your remote and company culture stand out?

3. Benefits
What benefits do you offer to support your team?

4. Hiring
What is your hiring process?

And, lastly, placements to showcase your expertise as a remote company:

1. Remote Policy
Those who have been remote for a long time know that remote work culture includes a high level of documentation. Here you can share the link to the policy or guidelines you have around working remotely at your organization. Don't have one? We have your back How To Create a Policy For Working Remotely

2. DE&I Policy
Although Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has become a bit of a buzzword in the hiring and tech spaces, we're glad that this has become more of a top priority for your business. Virtual DE&I strategies help remote companies create fair, equal, inclusive workplaces even if their teams work in different countries. If you don't have a policy yet, here are some inclusive workplace practices to help get you started.

3. Communication Policy
We all know that communication is what keeps remote teams in sync and remote companies afloat. Just like any other policy or guideline, your communication charter doesn't have to be super convoluted. Remote communication guidelines establish a playbook everyone on your team will follow as a unit. Check out 6 Reasons Your Team Needs a Communication Charter (Workplaceless).

How To Update Your Company Profile

If you have an account on WWR, you can log in, head right to the 'Edit Company Profile' tab and update your company details.

Don't have an account, yet? What'cha waiting for? Create an account here and update your profile today.

See video instructions here.

Tips to stand out:

Tell your company story. Who is your company? In a brief paragraph of 3-4 sentences, describe what problem your company solves, how long you’ve been around, the company culture, and the stability of your company. Don’t forget to include those company values! :)

Describe your remote situation. In the Culture section, share your remote work personality, team culture and what makes your place of work, desirable.

Be transparent. If you're a start-up or small business, you may not be able to offer the enticing benefits that larger companies can. That's okay! Who doesn't appreciate honesty, humbleness and an idea of where you're going?

Keep it succinct.
Like everyone else, candidates are bombarded with a ton of information every day. Include the most relevant information, like you're writing a pitch.

Talk directly to your ideal candidates. This way, you’re attracting future team members that align with your values and overall mission.


What's coming in the future: adding these criteria to our Advanced Search and Curated Jobs so candidates can find you easier. Stay tuned!

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