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We’re always working on making We Work Remotely better for everyone that uses it. From seasoned remote job workers to hiring managers that are looking for the perfect fit for their teams, we know everyone is looking for better ways to find awesome remote jobs and hire awesome remote talent.

That’s why this week we’re launching a new feature: skills tags!

This has been something that a lot of people in our community have asked for and now we’re making it happen.

On one hand, we’ve seen how the profiles companies are looking for are becoming more varied. We love seeing companies that are looking for software engineers that love writing or for customer support leads that have a background in programming. And, on the other hand, we now see that profiles of job seekers in our community are getting more interesting. We know and love product managers with very solid marketing backgrounds or designers that can manage remote teams very efficiently.

Job listings will still be part of one category but companies can now add all the tags they think are relevant to them. Job seekers can now see all the job listings that are tagged with one skill, even across job categories.

We’re super excited about this feature because it will be a HUGE improvement for both companies and our community of job seekers. With this feature, we’ll help companies increase the number of qualified applicants. At the same time, we’ll help job seekers find jobs that are more relevant to their experience! ✨

So, how can you take advantage of this new feature? Let’s look into that.

Using Skills Tags as a Company Hiring Remotely

Now, when you upload a job listing, you’ll find a new box that looks like this:

There, you can look for the skills you want to add to your listing by writing in the box or you can scroll through the list we have and choose from the ones we have. This is another opportunity to give more information to candidates about your job!

Although you can add as many tags as you want, we would recommend adding only the ones that are the MOST relevant. Think about the non-negotiables or those skills that would really make a candidate stand out for you. Remember, the goal of this feature is to help you get more qualified candidates so really think about what a qualified candidate means for your company.

You’ll see that your published job listing will look like this:

Cool, right? Now let’s see how this experience will help candidates find YOUR job listing.

Using Skills Tags as a Remote Job Seeker

Here’s the exciting part for all of you that are looking for a job: now you can search for and filter job listings by skills!

First, if you have already signed up for Curated Jobs, you’ll see a new option in your Settings. It looks like this:

Here, you can add a list of the skills you have and the ones you’re interested in keep using in a new remote job. This is also a chance for you to really look into what makes you a great candidate! You can add and remove skills whenever you want. Again, if you have a really unique profile, you can experiment by filtering jobs by skills tags, instead of job categories, for example.

Once you’ve added your skills, you’ll see a feed of Curated Jobs that are relevant to your filters. Also, you can sign up for Curated Job Mail Alerts to get those directly in your mail. To do this, go to your Settings and check the box for Curated Job Mail Alerts.

⚠️ Psst... If you haven’t signed up for Curated Jobs, you can do it here.

And one of our favorite parts of this feature is that you can also click on any skill to see all the jobs that are tagged with it! This way, you can check out all the options that are relevant to that skill in just one place.

Go Explore Skills Tags 🏃

We’re sure this new feature will bring everyone closer to their dream remote jobs and their dream remote employees!

Can’t find the skill you’re looking for? Send us a mail at [email protected], we’ll keep adding relevant skills to our list.

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