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We know one of the most challenging parts of looking for a remote job is to filter jobs. There are so many options out there that if you don't have a way to sift through the noise, looking for a remote job can very quickly become overwhelming.

At We Work Remotely, we’re always working to help you make looking for a remote job easier. Curated Jobs is already a response to that (you can sign up here if you don’t have an account yet). But, what would happen with the people that don’t want to have a Curated Jobs account? Well, that’s why today we’re launching a new Advanced Search!

We’ve added new filters and ways to find the perfect remote job. These are all the ways you can now use the new Advanced Search.

Keywords Will Get You Closer To Your Dream Remote Job

Do you already know what title you want to have in your next job? Then, look for it! Whether you want to be a manager, you’re looking for a senior position, or you want to work with specific tools, this is where you can start.

Add your keyword to the Search box and you’ll get all the results we have available. If you want to filter further… then add some filters!

We’re Adding New Filters to Help You Out

Now, you can also add filters to your search. This is one of the most important parts of this refresh because we know that now, more than ever, job seekers like you have a clear idea of the kind of industry you want to work in or the kind of company you want to collaborate with. For that reason, we added more filters to this new Advanced Search.

If you don’t have an idea of a keyword you’re looking for, you can start by filtering job listings by:

  • Job Categories: Add one, two, or all the job categories you’re interested in
  • Regions: Make sure you’ll get jobs you can apply for
  • Time Zones: Whether you prefer to work in the same time zone as your team, or you want to make sure a company will consider you when you apply for a job listing, choose one or more time zones to filter out job listings that aren’t relevant for you
  • Companies: If you already have a company or companies you want to apply for, this filter will be super useful!
  • Job Types: Choose between contract or full time
  • Company Size: Do you prefer to work for a bigger company or a smaller one? With this filter, you can choose what works best for your professional goals
  • Industry: We all have different strengths and interests, what better than to work in an industry you have knowledge of or want to develop your career in?
  • Years Remote: You can decide if you want to work for a company that has been remote for a long time or where you can still collaborate to create remote processes

You can use all of them or just one, depending on what you’re looking for. 🤩

The Choice is Yours
With the new options we have in the Advanced Search, you have the choice. Look for keywords, use filters, or use everything together to find your ideal remote job.

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