What are the Highest-Paying Remote Jobs in 2022?

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What are the highest-paying remote jobs in 2022? You don’t have to be a tech wizard to make $100k. See the best-paying remote jobs across categories now:

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What are the highest-paying remote jobs in 2022?

It’s not uncommon for high-paying remote tech jobs to pay employees over $100,000 per year. Likewise, anyone working in the C-Suite is banking an average of $300,000 annually.

But let’s say you’re not yet at the top of your career or lack the techno-wizardry skills to break into programming. Can you still land remote jobs that pay $100k?

Oh yes, bestie! You can even score some of the highest-paying remote jobs without a degree or experience

We used job listings posted on We Work Remotely and data from other payroll experts to compile average salary ranges for the best-paying remote jobs. Then we organized the highest-paying opportunities by job category to make it easy for you to find your dream role in this guide.

So let’s find out:

What are the Highest Paying Remote Jobs in 2022?

It’s nice to know that employees in remote roles worldwide earn an average of $3,000 more than their in-office peers [*]. But this list of the 40+ best-paying remote jobs will put you on the path to earning even more.

📌 Quick PSA: Salaries in this guide vary based on company, location, experience levels, certifications, etc.

Going by averages, these are the highest-paying:

💻 Remote Programming Jobs 

Remote programming jobs takes the crown for most popular job category on We Work Remotely. Candidates with tech skills are always in demand and likely to find many well-paying opportunities.

Depending on the company, the hierarchy and salary ranges for expert coders usually goes Programmer > Developer > Engineer. However, some organizations use the terms programmer, developer, and engineer interchangeably. 

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Despite employees in each role working on the same goal (i.e., to create stellar software), there are differences in daily job tasks and expectations. That’s why it’s essential to decode the secret language of remote job descriptions before you apply.

Generally speaking:

1. Remote Front-End Programming jobs pay an average of $110,000 annually.

2. Remote Back-End Programming jobs average $125,000 to $160,000 per year.

3. Remote Full-Stack Programming jobs earn employees about $140,000.

4. Remote Software Development Engineer Test (SDET) jobs average $140,000 to $175,000 per year.

5. Remote Data Engineer jobs range from $120,000 to $155,000.

6. Remote Web Developers average $150,000 annually.

7. Remote Mobile Engineers (iOS and Android) command about $200,000 per year. 

8. Remote Software Security Engineers average $180,000 to $220,000.

9. Remote Blockchain Engineers take home around $190,000.

10. Remote Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) Engineers average $215,000, but many make closer to $300,000.

11. Remote Machine Learning Engineer jobs pay an incredible average of $230,000 to $315,000.

12. Remote Software Engineering Managers or Directors of Programming make an average of $300,000 to $500,000+ per year, depending on the company.

So how do you break into one of these high-paying remote roles? Follow these guides next:

Keeping along the same tech line, let’s talk about:

🔧 Remote DevOps and SysAdmin Jobs 

For engineers who specialize in keeping everything running smoothly, DevOps and SysAdmin careers include site reliability engineers, operations engineers, infrastructure engineers, and much more. 

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Some of the best remote DevOps and SysAdmin jobs include:

13. Remote DevOps Engineer jobs, which average $135,000 to $175,000 per year.

14. Remote Network Architects, who may earn between $125,000 to $225,000 annually.

15. Remote Cloud Engineer jobs. These pay between $115,000 and $180,000.

16. Remote Cloud Architects ballpark around $160,000 annually.

17. Remote Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) jobs. SRE employees take home between $200,000 and $240,000 per year.

Take a peek at this guide on Understanding Technical Interviews for Remote Tech Jobs if these roles pique your interest.

💪 Remote Cybersecurity Jobs

As cyberattacks become even more prevalent and damaging, the need for experienced cybersecurity experts will continue to rise. So if you specialize in safeguarding networks from hackers, security breaches, and data leaks, you’ll do well as a:

18. Remote Penetration Tester. Intentionally breach systems to find vulnerabilities organizations need to fix before they’re exploited. As an authorized hacker, you may earn up to $100,000 per year.

19. Remote Cybersecurity Analyst. Use your skills to anticipate and prevent cyberattacks to score around $125,000 annually. 

20. Remote Security Architect. Ensure software is secure on the server and user sides, and you’ll rake in about $155,000 per year.

21. Remote Information Security Manager. Manage a team of IT pros, and you’ll earn between $115,000 and $230,000 per year.

Now, if you’re wondering, How can I make 100k a year remotely outside of tech?, we’ve got you covered with the next batch of roles.

📣 Remote Sales and Marketing Jobs

A fast-growing job category, remote sales and marketing jobs include business development roles, growth specialists, paid acquisition specialists, account managers, and high-paying titles like:

22. Remote Senior Account Manager. Know how to make and keep happy, loyal customers? Leverage your sales and interpersonal skills to bring home $80,000 to $110,000 per year in this role.

23. Remote SaaS Sales Rep. Selling software-as-a-service earns the best salespeople a base of $120,000 per year. Compensation options like bonuses and commissions may also boost your take-home pay.

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24. Remote Growth Marketing Managers are responsible for growing an organization’s presence and customer base. They average about $125,000 per year.

25. Remote Business Development Manager. If you enjoy scouting market opportunities, spearheading initiatives to snag new customers, developing business plans, and strategizing ways to meet sales goals, you could earn $150,000 per year in this role.

26. Remote Director of Growth jobs focus on ensuring each department of a business is primed for successful expansion. These roles clock in an average salary of $160,000.

27. Remote Marketing Directors lead an organization’s marketing department, create campaigns, conduct market research, and more. They earn between $100,000 and $175,000 per year.

28. Remote Sales Director. As the head of the Sales department, you’ll set sales goals and manage a team of reps to reach them. This remote role pays anywhere from $125,000 up to $250,000, depending on bonuses, commission structures, and experience. 

Discover the best remote sales and marketing jobs here.

👥 Remote Customer Support Jobs 

A leading remote work category, customer support jobs are some of the most common remote positions for small and large companies alike. If you have the top tech skills for remote work, you may thrive as a:

29. Remote Onboarding Specialist. Walk customers through new products and software features, so they become early, loyal adopters. Onboarding Specialists with the right mix of tech and people skills earn up to $100,000 per year.

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30. Remote Customer Success Manager. In this role, you’ll oversee a team of remote Customer Support professionals who help users with an organization’s products and services. You’ll monitor and improve customer satisfaction scores and earn between $85,000 and $125,000 annually.

31. Remote Technical Support Manager. Lead an organization’s Tech Support team and work to resolve IT issues and concerns for customers. These remote jobs pay an average of $150,000.

You’ll find the latest remote customer support roles here.

🎨 Remote Design Jobs 

Some of the highest-paying creative remote jobs exist in the realm of Design. This category includes positions like:

32. Remote UX/UI Designer. If you know how to craft incredible user experiences (UX) or intuitive user interfaces (UI), your skills could be worth $70,000 to $115,000 per year. 

33. Remote UX Researcher. User Researchers utilize surveys, usability tests, and trending product designs to determine the most user-friendly interfaces for mobile apps, websites, and software. They earn between $135,000 and $152,000 annually.

34. Remote Creative Director. Creative Directors work with graphic designers, writers, developers, and marketers to bring an organization’s creative vision to life through its products, websites, advertisements, and more. They take home anywhere from $145,000 to $180,000 per year.

Spruce up your remote job portfolio to stand out online, and we know you’ll land one of these remote design jobs!

📱 Remote Product Jobs

Remote Product jobs focus on learning what customers want, creating products to solve those needs, and supporting their launch and adoption in the market. You’ll find remote roles such as product designer, product researcher, and these high-paying product jobs:

35. Remote Product Manager. Employees in this role have a hand in every stage of product development and must coordinate with multiple departments to ensure an organization’s product will delight its customers.

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General remote Product Managers earn between $145,000 and $180,000 annually. However, salaries for specialized Product Managers vary. Here’s a list of the most common roles and their average salaries:

  • Operations Product Manager: $166,000
  • Growth Product Manager: $172,000
  • Internal Product Manager: $175,000
  • Analytics Product Manager: $180,000
  • User Journey Product Manager: $191,000
  • Enterprise Product Manager: $192,000
  • Technical Product Manager: $210,000
  • Consumer Product Manager: $238,000
  • Infrastructure Product Manager: $391,000

If you’re organized, have top-tier communication skills, and enjoy solving customer problems, add these skills to put on your resume to land your dream remote job in Product Management.

36. Remote Data Analysts or Data Scientists. A rapidly growing career path, Data Analysts use the power of Big Data to help organizations make more informed decisions, improve productivity, and drive progress. Data is the new currency, and Data Analysts earn an average of $160,000 for their insights and strategies.

Can you hear these remote product jobs calling your name?

💼 Remote Management and Finance Jobs 

You’ll find a goodie bag of high-paying remote roles in WWR’s Management and Finance category, from executive roles and business managers to human resources and administrative assistants. These positions merge the corporate world with your WFH goals:

37. Remote Financial Analyst. Assess risks and consequences for organizations before they make any financial decisions. These roles average $100,000 per year.

38. Virtual Assistant. Help people and brands stay organized, meet deadlines, and focus on their goals, and you may take home $125,000 annually. Virtual Assistants are one of the most popular high-paying remote jobs you can land with no remote work experience.

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39. Remote Recruiter. Today’s tight labor market means Remote Healthcare and Tech Recruiters are averaging over $135,000 when they connect the right candidates with the top remote companies hiring

40. Remote Project Managers oversee an organization’s projects from start to finish, taking care of all the planning, budgeting, implementing, delegating, monitoring, and problem-solving. They earn anywhere from $125,000 to $165,000 annually.

Take the lead on these remote management and finance jobs now.

So How Do You Land One of the Highest Paying Remote Jobs of 2022?

We started our journey by answering the question, What are the best remote jobs in 2022? We discovered tons of remote jobs that pay $100k with and without experience.

So now that you have your career destination mapped, it’s time to plan your route. 

Check out this handy guide on How To Find Legit Work from Home Jobs first. 

Then keep your eyes peeled for the highest-paying remote jobs on We Work Remotely, the planet’s #1 remote job board. Sign up for notifications to ensure you’re one of the first candidates to apply for the hottest roles. And don’t forget to use our updated Advanced Search to zero in on your perfect position.

Finally, tailor your resume to your dream remote job every time you send off an application. And always write a thank you email after an interview. Good luck! 🍀

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