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You’ve scoured the web for software developer resume examples, and now you’re finally ready to create your own. Kudos!

The competition for remote developers, DevOps, and SysAdmin jobs is fierce, no matter if you’re vying for a role at a big company or an unknown startup. And that means your old, boring resume is out. 

Your resume is your first (and sometimes only) chance to make a good impression on recruiters and hiring managers. So using an outdated format may be one of the reasons you're not landing that remote interview.

But we can help boost the success of your remote job search.

In this guide, we’ll show you what to look for when comparing modern, eye-catching resume templates to ensure you show off your best skills and land a callback.

Look For These 5 Traits When Comparing Software Developer Resume Templates

You could start from the ground up and build your resume from scratch using online software developer resume examples. Or you could speed up the process and save yourself the headache by simply filling in a template.

Though you’ll find tons of sites offering both free and paid versions of software developer resume templates, they’re not all created equally. 

So use this checklist to compare all your options and rank your priorities:

1. Price Based On Templates, Downloads, and Other Perks

You’ll see three choices when it comes to the price of a resume template:
  1. Free. You’ll probably only have the choice of one template, with basic (if any) options to customize fonts/colors.

  2. Free with the creation of an account. Trading your email address for access to a resume builder usually unlocks more templates and customizations. 

  3. Paid version, the potential holy grail. You’ll snag all the best templates, unlimited customizations, and pre-written, industry-specific phrases you can use to describe your skills/experience (i.e., save time and brainpower). This generally comes at a monthly fee ranging between $5 and $50.

While free versions may sound best at first, you’ll want to scrutinize them the most.

Sure, you may not want to pay for the use of 20 different templates. But standing out requires that your resume looks better than the template your competitors will be using, which may require a bit of tweaking.

Further, free resume template sites often only allow one download, while paid versions allow unlimited downloads within your subscription period. Since you’ll want to tailor your resume for each position you’re applying to, one download won’t be enough.

If you’re using the right job board to find remote developer positions, your job search shouldn’t last long. And that may make a one-time subscription totally worth the price. 

2. Intuitive Interface and Import Features

You’re a developer. You know what a busted user interface does for the overall user experience. And you’ll be the first to nope out of a resume builder that’s overly complicated and unnecessarily cumbersome.

With that being said, the three most common resume templates include:
  • Downloadable template you can then edit in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

  • Fill-in forms/boxes. The site will ask you to fill in boxes with your information on one screen, then it will pop out a finished resume with all your intel in the right places later.

  • Resume builder wizard. You’ll be prompted to click choices or write in responses on each screen as the wizard guides you through resume creation one step at a time.

If you’re keen on using the intel you already have in your current resume (or don’t feel like re-writing decades of experience), prioritize a builder that allows you to copy/paste (not all of them do).

Some sites will even let you import data from a CV or your LinkedIn profile. These imports aren’t always the cleanest, so you may need to spend some time fixing glitches.

And if you’re starting with a fresh slate, look for resume generators that let you work within the template in real-time, so you can actually see what everything looks like.

3. Clean, Modern, Organized Format

Even though the ol’ chronological resume format may be a snoozefest, don’t be tempted to use loud or complicated designs just to appear young, hip, and trendy.

A resume template must be organized and easy to read. If a potential employer needs a map to figure out what you bring to the table, you’re in for a bad time.

modern resume format example

Opt for clean, bold, professional templates that highlight your:
  • Personal branding statement
  • Hard skills (coding languages, frameworks, tools, databases, etc.)
  • Soft skills (communication, teamwork, adaptability, etc.) 
  • Experience and career accomplishments
  • Education and certifications (even if you’re self-taught)

Psst! It helps to know what employers are looking for when hiring remote developers so you can nail each of those points.

4. The Ability To Customize 

Like we mentioned earlier, if you choose a standard, free template sans customizations, your resume runs the risk of fading into a stack of look-alikes, which you definitely don’t want.

Marketing yourself as if you were a brand is one of the most effective tips to strengthen your remote job search. So it’s best to customize a resume that resonates with your personal branding. 

Try to match the colors, fonts, and themes of your online remote work portfolio to your resume. This helps recruiters and hiring managers visually connect your unique resume with your proven skills and abilities as if you were meeting face-to-face for the first time.

5. Export Format

Over 90% of hiring teams use applicant tracking systems (ATS) for an initial scan of the resumes they receive. These robots overwhelmingly prefer a resume in PDF or .doc/.docx form. However, many free resume sites only offer a .txt file download, which may be worthless when it comes time to apply.

So keep export format in mind when deciding which resume builder to use. You don’t want to waste time and effort entering all your information only to learn it will be unusable when you’re done.

Keep this checklist handy as you compare what the top sites for software developer resume templates offer.

5 Sites for Software Developer Resume Examples and Templates

Play around with the resume options on these sites to see what clicks with you:


Pick out a template on Kickresume, enter/import your information, and their resume builder will take care of everything else. 

Pros: The free version includes unlimited ATS-friendly resumes, cover letters, and downloads. You’ll also have access to 20,000 pre-written resume phrases to use when you don’t know how to boast about your skills/achievements. The Premium version ($8/month) gives you access to a one-click personal website, additional templates, and “one million design combinations” for limitless personalization. 

Here’s a cool perk: You can filter for software developer resume examples. Kickresume will show you which templates worked to get candidates hired by top companies.

software engineer resume samples

Cons: There are only four free resume templates and two free cover letter templates with limited customization options. Upgrading gives you access to 34 industry-specific resume templates, 20+ cover letter templates, and unlimited customizations.

2. Canva

Canva is a graphic design powerhouse. You can design anything from social media content, presentations, and business cards to logos and resumes.

Pros: Canva delivers an insane number of resume templates, from buttoned-up traditional to full-blown creative. It’s free to use, and their unlimited customizations let you match exact colors from your website to your resume, add fun images or icons, and boost the overall aesthetic so it truly stands out and commands attention. 

canva resume templates

Cons: Canva is still a design tool. Unlike others on this list, you’re getting visuals without resume-specific content like pre-written job phrases. And since it’s not a dedicated resume builder, Canva doesn’t mention whether its designs will be ATS-approved. 


Resume.com allows you to fill in a real-time resume template on their site for free. You’ll find tips and job-specific phrases to add along the way to fill out the professional resume of your dreams.

Pros: It’s free and super easy to use. Their 12 resume templates err on the side of traditional, which lets you play it safe and still make a good impression (like a perfectly tailored suit). You can import your information and download your final version as a PDF or Word doc too.

software developer resume

Cons: Not many options for customization. Your content takes center stage here, so move on if you’re looking for more wow factor.


ResumeGenius is a step-by-step resume builder that walks you through each stage of your chosen template. Click through each on-screen prompt, and their wizard will create a professional, ATS-approved resume in “15 minutes.”

Pros: The easy-to-use wizard is perfect for beginners. You’ll have access to a library of 50k pre-written industry-specific content to enhance your skills and experience. You can also export Microsoft Word and PDF formats. A 14-Day Trial Plan only costs $1.95.

resume builder wizard

Cons: The wizard can become tedious after your first one. You’re forced to go through every screen even if you want to edit one specific section. You also can’t see what your resume will look like until the end. If you then wish to change any of it, see the previous point. 

You must also fill in each field, which means you can’t leave certain areas (like your street address) blank. After the trial, a 1-month plan will set you back $39.95, and you have to cancel it before it auto-renews. 


CakeResume is a drag-and-drop resume builder similar to creating a drag-and-drop website. You can either download your resume as a PDF or opt for the shareable link where anyone can view your resume online.

Pros: You’ll find several software developer resume templates in which you can drag and edit sections of images, videos, and slides to create an eye-catching design. Advanced users ($10.95/month) score features like an unlimited number of resumes and premium resume snippets. Pro users ($21.95/month) can track their resume using Google Analytics.

drag-and-drop resume builder

Cons: The free version only gives you one basic template to customize, and you’ll have “powered by CakeResume” branding in the footer. Major bummer: you only get one free download of your resume.

Go Experiment With These Free Resume Templates for Software Developers Now

There you have it: five sites for software developer resume examples and templates to fire up your inspiration. Play around with each site’s options to see what you like best. 

You may decide to steal a little from site A and a bit from site B to create the perfect resume that gets attention for all the right reasons. Or you may decide ten bucks is totally worth having a resume wizard do all the heavy lifting for you, especially if it helps you land your dream job in less time.

Whatever you choose, speed up your remote job search by checking the ever-updating remote developer listings on We Work Remotely. Sign up for notifications so you’re the first to apply to the best gigs.

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