12 Top Remote Jobs that are Paying $30k or More

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Our list of the top remote jobs that are paying $30k or more includes entry-level roles you can land without a degree. Compare jobs, skills, & salaries now:

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What are the top remote jobs that are paying $30k or more?

An annual salary of $30,000 equates to earning around $14.50 per hour, assuming a full-time 40-hour workweek. 

If you’re talking $30k for part-time remote work (20 hours/week), that’s closer to making $30 per hour.

So when people ask, Can you make good money working remotely?, the answer is a resounding yes.

In our guide to the highest-paying remote jobs of 2022, we highlighted 40+ roles that earn close to $100k per year (or more!). But candidates vying for those lucrative salaries typically have years of experience, degrees, and certifications under their belts.

So today’s guide will look at the opposite end of the spectrum: entry-level remote jobs that pay $30,000 a year or more. 

We’ll spotlight roles you can land without a degree or experience and those you can do part-time. Then you can compare your desired salary with each job’s required skills to uncover your dream remote role.

But first:

What is an Entry-Level Remote Job Anyway?

Entry-level jobs are supposed to be someone’s introduction to a role, industry, or the workforce in general. They’re usually the first rung on the proverbial career ladder.

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Some remote job listings will say “entry-level” right in the title or description to make it super easy to search for. Others may use keywords like these to designate an entry-level job from one higher up the chain:

  • Junior
  • Associate
  • Assistant
  • Specialist
  • Helper
  • Technician 

Whether you spend a few months or years in an entry-level role, you’ll pick up skills, hone your expertise, forge connections, and gain experience. 

So entry-level remote jobs are best for:

Students looking for part-time work. Part-time remote entry-level jobs for college students are the secret to having extra cash without burning out. Many roles allow you to create your own WFH schedule, so you can squeeze work tasks between your classes and studying.

Recent high school and college graduates. A remote entry-level job is a better alternative to a free internship. You’ll get your foot in the door to see if that career path is really right for you and get paid.

People making a career change or industry pivot. Though you may have loads of transferable skills, you’ll still need to ace the basics when exploring a new niche or industry. An entry-level job will give you the experience and confidence to compete for higher-paying roles up the ladder.

Can You Land an Entry-Level Remote Job without Experience or a Degree?

Absolutely! Entry-level remote jobs are the starting place on The Game of Life. So hiring teams and organizations aren’t expecting you to know everything.

Even though specific roles may require a bachelor’s degree or a few years of experience, neither is required for all entry-level jobs.

In fact, the number of job postings that didn’t require a degree grew by almost 40% between 2019 and 2020 [*]. Many of those were entry-level positions, and we’ve seen no signs of that trend stopping.

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As long as you know all the skills to put on a resume to impress remote hiring teams, we think you’ll have a good chance at landing one of these:

12 Top Remote Jobs that are Paying $30k or More a Year

You can search for full-time or part-time positions in our roundup of remote jobs that pay $30,000 a year without a degree or experience.

Just keep in mind that salary isn’t everything. 

The best company benefits for remote teams include employee perks like childcare stipends, new office equipment, unlimited vacation days, and more. So check each company’s profile on WWR before excluding a role with a lower starting pay.

Now it’s time to add these entry-level remote jobs that pay $30k or more to your list:

1. Remote Customer Service Representative 

Remote customer service jobs have been on the rise for years. 

We all expect to be able to reach out to companies when we have questions or issues. So organizations worldwide hire remote customer service agents to help around the clock.

Salaries for a remote customer service representative average between $35,000 and $40,000 per year. Many organizations will even send free equipment to set up your dream home office.

To land this role, you’ll need stellar skills in customer service, emotional intelligence, multitasking, and time management.

💁 Check out remote customer support jobs here!

2. Remote Help Desk Technician / Service Desk Specialist / Customer Tech Support

Like customer service reps, remote tech support positions are one of the best remote jobs you can land without a degree. 

Essentially, you’ll assist customers with an organization’s software, hardware, app, website, platform, etc. You’ll answer calls, emails, chats, and messages to resolve questions, technical difficulties, and problems.

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You’ll need impeccable customer service, problem-solving abilities, and troubleshooting techniques to land this one. You may also receive hands-on training via tutorials in the metaverse to become familiar with your company’s tech stack. 

A technical support specialist averages over $45,000 per year.

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3. Remote Data Entry Specialist

A remote data entry job may be your cup of tea if you’re a fast typer with an eye for details. You’ll receive, identify, and sort data by purpose, type, and client requirements, creating an organized database of information.

Most remote data entry specialists rely on spreadsheets and word processing software. They must also possess the tech skills for remote work. But no formal degree or prior experience is required to land this gig.

Remote data entry jobs start at $30,000 per year.

💻 Follow this link to the best remote data entry jobs.

4. Remote Patient Access or Patient Care Coordinator

Remote patient access coordinators work with multiple medical client partners to support and schedule appointments for patients. You’ll help patients determine which providers are in-network and coordinate the care they need, all from your home. 

This remote position requires empathy, patience, customer service, and excellent remote communication skills. Annual salaries average $36,000 per year.

5. Remote Administrative Assistant or Virtual Assistant

Remote administrative assistants are one of the best high-paying remote jobs you can land with no remote experience.

Essentially, you’ll become the right hand of busy leaders or teams, acting as a liaison to take care of admin details, big and small. You may be responsible for email correspondence, booking travel accommodations, coordinating various meetings and schedules, etc.

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Many remote virtual assistants work part-time, making it a great opportunity for college students. Show off your ability to prioritize to-do lists, manage your time effectively, and communicate professionally to land this role.

Entry-level remote assistants earn $35,000 per year. But the average salary for someone in this position ranges from $47,000 to $60,000 with experience. 

👥 Take a peek at remote assistant jobs next.

6. Remote Recruiter

Labor shortages in tight markets like healthcare and tech make recruiters invaluable. Recruiters source, interview, and recommend candidates to HR teams at the top companies hiring

Recruiters don’t need a formal degree or experience to do well. The best ones know how to leverage their people skills (like networking) and sales (for negotiations) to push their candidates to the top of interview lists. 

Base salaries for recruiters start around $38,000 per year, but average salaries top $55,000 if you stick with it. When your submitted candidates are hired, you may be entitled to uncapped commission earnings and end-of-year bonuses too.

🔎 Scout remote recruiter jobs on this page.

7. Remote Human Resources (HR) Assistant 

Today’s Human Resources teams are busy recruiting in a tight labor market and working hard to retain top talent in the aftermath of The Great Resignation. That’s why many are hiring remote HR assistants to help out.

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As an HR assistant, you may be asked to review candidate resumes and draft remote job ads to speed up the hiring process. You might also conduct training or virtual onboarding for new hires. You could also be responsible for sending employee job satisfaction surveys.

Remote HR assistants average over $35,000 per year. 

🤝 You can apply for remote HR assistant jobs here. 

8. Remote SEO Specialist

A junior search engine optimization (SEO) specialist follows best keyword practices and keeps up with Google Algorithm updates. You’ll research keywords, pitch link-building outreach ideas, run campaigns for revenue-driving SERPs, and more for an organization.

Remote SEO specialists must be skilled in remote collaboration, as they work with multiple departments. Their average salary starts around $38,000 per year.

#️⃣ Find your dream remote SEO job here.

9. Remote Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists plan, create, and monitor an organization’s social media strategy. You’ll aim to boost brand awareness, drive conversions on a company’s social media platforms, and curate an engaged community of followers.

The best way to land a social media job without experience is to build your personal brand online. Show potential employers that you can provide valuable content, reach out to influencers, and keep up with the latest social media marketing tools and best practices.

Remote social media specialist roles average over $47,000 per year.

📱 Snag the newest remote social media jobs here. 

10. Remote Marketing Specialist or Associate 

With a fresh Marketing degree in hand, you can land an assistant, associate, or junior-level role in a remote digital marketing department. 

You’ll learn how to create and monitor marketing campaigns, prepare reports, and leverage platforms like Google Analytics. 

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Demonstrated social media, SEO, and copywriting skills go a long way here, so create a digital portfolio to stand out online. Then potential employers will know you have the 10 best skills for marketers even if you lack remote work experience.

Average starting salaries for remote junior marketers range from $39,000 to $50,000.

📣 You’ll find the hottest remote marketing jobs on this page.

11. Remote Web Developer

Many of the best-paying remote jobs are in tech. For example, you can land a remote web developer job without a degree or experience and start earning between $40,000 to $60,000 per year.

Front-end developers work on the user-facing side of a website. Back-end developers focus on programming a website for security and function. Full-stack developers handle both sides of the coin.

You can teach yourself a few basic programming languages, then code your personal website to act as an example of your skills. 

We Work Remotely always posts a variety of:

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12. Remote Software Sales Representative

Organizations need remote sales representatives to find paying users for their apps, software suites, and online tools.

You’d do well in remote software sales if you’re passionate about emerging tech. You’ll also need active listening skills to figure out the best solution or service for each customer’s pain points and challenges.

Remote software sales representatives earn an annual salary of $40,000, though many average well over $60,000. Top sales reps also score a pay boost in commissions and yearly bonuses.

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So Here’s Your First Step to Land a Top Remote Job that Pays $30k or More

Anyone can land a remote job with no experience. And, as we’ve seen today, entry-level remote jobs pay well. So now it’s time to strategize your next career move and learn how to find legit work-from-home jobs.

Mega job boards won’t help laser in on remote positions. That’s why our remote job board is the number one destination for the best work-from-anywhere roles.

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