Remote Part Time Jobs: The Secret to Having Extra Cash In Your Pocket

Remote Job Hunting

Earn money on your time, build a portfolio of experience, and never have to commute? Scout all the benefits of remote part-time jobs and how to land one now.

Remote part-time jobs give people a chance to earn an income with the few hours they have available in their schedules.

Without putting in a full 40-hour workweek, you can build a portfolio of experience, earn extra cash, and see if remote work is right for you.

Whether you're trying to save more money or stay in the workforce, remote part-time jobs are the smart way to meet your financial goals.

Benefits of Remote Part-Time Jobs

A remote part-time job trumps other jobs because you'll:
  • Never have to commute. Virtual jobs don't require you to travel to a physical workplace. It means you can get your job done from home, the campus library, or on vacation. This saves you time, money, and stress (especially during rush hour and bad weather).
  • Work a flexible schedule. Most remote positions let you work your own hours. Part-time employees will put in around 20 per week, but those hours could be spread over the course of several half days, overnight shifts, or whenever you have time during your day.
  • Save money. Unlike working another job where you may need to spend money on a uniform or business attire, you can work in your pajamas with a remote part-time job. You save money on gas and transportation costs too.
  • Gain experience. Part-time jobs in your field give you the chance to build up your resume while paying the bills. If you're just starting out or still studying, this opportunity will help you create a portfolio of real-world experience and give you a competitive edge against your competition.

With upsides to remote work like that, almost everyone should consider working virtually at least a few hours a week.

Who Should Look for Remote Part-Time Jobs

Remote part-time jobs make wise choices for people who are:

. All college students should consider remote work instead of unpaid internships and part-time gigs at the campus bookstore. Remote part-time jobs make it easier to work with a class schedule and give you career experience before you even graduate.

Parents with a new baby (or one on the way)
. If you're forced on early bed rest or not ready to return to work full-time after a new baby, you can save money on childcare and remain in the workforce with a remote part-time job.

Thinking of changing careers or want to try remote work first
. Test out the waters with a remote part-time job to see if you like working solo. If you don't mind working remotely, you can apply for full-time positions and leave your current job behind almost risk-free.

About to retire or are retired. Long commutes, uncomfortable desk chairs, and the daily grind of the 9 to 5 may no longer sound appealing, but working part-time from your new retirement island may not sound so bad. Keep working and you'll put off tapping into your savings (and boredom).

Still on the fence?

If you notice any of these signs you'd be an awesome remote worker, you should definitely take the leap.

Or maybe you need to see what type of work is actually available first.

The Most Popular Remote Part-Time Jobs

Part-time remote jobs require all different types of skills, experience, and personalities.

You may be the perfect candidate for the most popular part-time remote jobs, including:

Home Care Scheduler. If you're available after hours, early in the AM, or on weekends, you could answer calls, handle questions, and schedule care remotely.

Transcriber. With a computer and an internet connection, listen to audio or video files and write down everything you hear for law enforcement, medical reference, translations, subtitling, and more.

Market Researcher
. Send out surveys, chat with people online or via email, and interview users over the phone to learn intel to give to businesses.

Engineer. Though normally a full-time career, if you have the skills or are working towards higher certifications, you can use your free time to solve problems, debug platforms, or complete a coding challenge one weekend a month.

Health and Fitness Coach. Partner with clients one-on-one and you'll create meal plans and workout routines to get them into healthy shape remotely.

Data Entry
. You typically don't need any experience or higher education to qualify for a part-time data entry job. Entering medical records, managing inventories, and working in spreadsheets or proprietary software, speedy typists and those who check their work twice can ace this job from anywhere.

Customer Support Specialist
. You'll help people via email, chat, or screen sharing on company websites and apps. Answer questions, troubleshoot, and give companies tips on how to better improve their platform.

Virtual Assistant
. Do everything an executive assistant would, just remotely. This means handling scheduling, travel plans and itineraries, managing communications and overflowing email inboxes, social media work, and more.

Billing Manager
. You don't need a physical office to look over customer invoices, track missing payments, clarify pricing issues, and correct occasional billing mistakes; you just need a computer, WiFi, and a strong like for numbers.

. Written digital content with high-ranking SEO will always be in demand whether for business websites, blogs, case studies, ebooks, or marketing copy. A few hours a week could provide a stellar resume and portfolio material.

With awesome benefits and a wide range of roles to choose from, the only downside to remote part-time jobs is that they're normally difficult to find.

How to Find Remote Part-Time Jobs

Take the frustration out of part-time job hunting by following these tips:

First, give yourself an outline to work with
. This will include everything your ideal job posting will list and require of you, such as:

  • How many hours you can commit to working
  • Whether you need to work a specific schedule
  • What field or industry you'd like to be in
  • The niche or industry in which you have experience
  • Specifics like job title, skills required, education needed, etc.
  • Type of company you want to work for

Answering these questions will be super helpful when it comes time to sift through hundreds of potential options. You'll be able to laser in on the best ones for you.

Next, bypass the major job sites
. These will require you to filter out in-office positions from remote part-time jobs, which can be a real pain. Plus, these sites aren't going out of their way to attract the top remote companies so there may not even be many jobs available.

Stay away from sketchy work-at-home jobs
listed on Craigslist and social media. Don't trust those that show up in your inbox out of the blue either. These are most likely scammers trying to steal your identity. Learn more about how to stay away from work at home scams here.

Use a job board where the remote jobs are legit. There are job boards dedicated to the virtual workplace -- and they even have remote part-time jobs.

Check out We Work Remotely daily after your social sesh and you'll never miss the right remote part-time job for you.

Or sign up for emails with new jobs in your field so the best part-time jobs show up right to your virtual door.

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