2020 Round-Up: 15 Best Remote Companies to Work For

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Check out this list of the best remote companies and get your resume ready.[Image source]

Are you looking for a remote job in 2020? 

We know the best remote companies to work for.

You can check out our full list of the top 100 remote companies here and thank us later for saving you hours of sourcing and vetting companies yourself.

Rather have the cheat code instead of a walkthrough?

It was no easy feat, but we’ve whittled down our top 100 remote companies list to highlight the best 15. 

And you’ll soon find out why these special 15 made the cut.

The Top 15 Best Remote Companies to Work For

Here’s how we rank the best remote job companies of 2020 with their total jobs posted to date:

#1. Clevertech (332 Remote Jobs Posted)

Clevertech, a company that creates bespoke software solutions, has been working remotely since 2006. With over ten years of remote experience under their belt, they’ve been able to fine-tune their processes and successfully create a stress-free virtual work environment. 

#2. Toptal LLC (173 Jobs Posted)

If you’re ready to join the “best of the best,” Toptal LLC may be the right fit for you. Just a heads up: they accept less than 3% of the thousands of applications they receive each month. Better up your freelancing skills if you hope to stand a chance.

#3. X-Team (120 Jobs Posted)

X-Team, which is 100% remote, gives companies access to a team of developers from all over the world, something they may not have had otherwise. They also help fund further education for their developers and help them create a remote environment that “motivates and inspires” daily.

#4. Hotjar (119 Jobs Posted)

Hotjar is another 100% remote company. They specialize in better understanding website users. The team behind Hotjar emphasizes personal development for its employees, both personally and professionally, which is another huge perk.[Image Source]

#5. TaxJar (107 Jobs Posted)

TaxJar knows that taxes aren’t the most exciting activity. To combat this, they provide an exceptional experience for both customers and employees alike. 

#6. Cofense (formerly PhishMe) (95 Jobs Posted)

Cofense keeps its clients protected from phishing and other online scams, as well as from hackers. As for its employees, they have a “People First” mindset that promotes a fun environment along with paid training and mentorship.

#7. Datastax (90 Jobs Posted)

Datastax, a database for hybrid and multi-cloud data management, stresses their diversity and inclusivity right in their mission statement and through their global workforce without borders. 

#8. Aha! (88 Jobs Posted)

Aha!, a self-funded software company, uses a human-centred approach that shares the same values as their grandparents’ business. The founders focus on creating a company that employees and customers will love.

#9. Doximity (76 Jobs Posted)

If you’re ready to combine your passion for technology with your goal of making a meaningful difference in the world, Doximity may be your cup of tea. Their technology is leading the way in the mobile healthcare apps sector, and they’re currently helping 70% of U.S. physicians “make their busy lives easier.”

#10. Modern Tribe (73 Jobs Posted)

Modern Tribe, a software and design company, is another 100% remote team that spans mostly North and South America (with a few other international team member locations). 

As a lifestyle company, Modern Tribe aims to create a work environment where everyone is excited to show up, and each day brings joy and fulfillment.

Image Source]

#11. Help Scout (70 Jobs Posted)

Help Scout’s remote-first philosophy means they’d rather have top talent from across the globe than settle for geographical proximity. Another great feature is that they ensure every employee gets off to the best start with a finely-tuned onboarding process.

#12. Close (61 Jobs Posted)

Close is precisely what millennials want in a modern-day remote company. Each employee is encouraged to have a strong voice. And there’s an emphasis on work-life balance, which they refer to as harmony and self-care. So you can finally ditch the stress-packed norm of a traditional 9 to 5.

#13. Remote Year (50 Jobs Posted)

Tired of having to choose between a great career and traveling the world? With Remote Year, you don’t have to give up one for the other. This unique company joins groups of freelance professionals together to travel and work remotely in several different cities across the world.

#14. Sticker Mule (47 Jobs Posted)

Chasing a stress-free remote job? Check out Sticker Mule, an online printing company founded in a small factory in upstate New York. Sticker Mule’s team spans four continents and 17 countries.

#15. GitHub (47 Jobs Posted)

GitHub is ideal for people who prefer working as a team. Not only is their core product based on making collaborating and writing software easier, but they also foster this in their professional environment. The GitHub founders work hard to deliver on their promise to create a company their employees love.

Ready to Apply to One Of These Top Remote Companies?

After reading more about the best remote companies, you’re probably wondering how to get your foot in the door. 

So we’ve got your back.

See a company you’d like to learn more about? Just click the link within their description, and you’ll score a list of all their current job openings. You’re welcome. 

One final note: don’t be discouraged if the company you’re interested in isn’t hiring at the moment. Get in the habit of regularly checking back and you may find this isn’t the case for long.

Want to see your other options? Feel free to browse our complete list of the top 100 remote companies to work for in 2020.

That resource also lets you click on each company to learn more about them and their current job openings.

With 100 different companies to choose from, we’re positive you’ll be able to find a few remote positions you’ll love. Better spruce up that resume for your 2020 glow-up!

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