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So, what's your stack? 

This is a super common question among remote teams. The great thing about it is that every team has a different answer and that answer can tell you a lot about the kind of culture any company is building.

These are some of the most popular tools among remote teams.

Focus 🧘‍♀️

Brain.fm is a tool that is built to help you be more productive. Its specifically designed music is meant to get you in the zone faster and keep you focused. It really does work.

This is a great tool for people to understand how their time is being spent. A wake-up call for most, Rescuetime is a free and simple tool that comes highly recommended by your friends at WWR (especially Matt, who can’t seem to focus on anything for more than five minutes).

Video-Conferencing 💻

The leading video conferencing tool available, Zoom is the go-to resource for all teams needing reliable video conferencing

Whereby is the easiest way to meet over video. There’s no app or software download required. Just choose your own personalized URL and meet using your internet browser – on mobile or desktop – with only one click.

Productivity/Communication 👩‍💻

Google Workspace
The no-brainer option for file sharing and team collaboration for those of us already in the Google sphere. Simple and free, G-Suite should be at least considered as the first option for those looking for file sharing and collaboration.

Almanac's real-time doc editor helps teams streamline async collaboration with Git-like version control and structured workflows.

Another no-brainer here. The go-to resource for communication for distributed (and non-distributed) teams. Has become synonymous with the rise of remote work in many ways, but you knew that already. If you’re a remote worker who hasn’t heard of Slack, I’d like to meet you. I have questions.

Front is the tool we (and many others) use to manage our email inboxes. It is simply the best way to organize and efficiently manage your team’s inboxes. Highly recommended.

Trello is one of our favourite apps for managing workflows and measuring/tracking productivity. Simple, functional, and affordable for a bare-bones productivity app. All things we like.

Threads is a modern forum for work where focused discussions and decisions take place.

Not on the full-scale project management side of things, but is a great one to try if you’d like some more flexibility than Trello, but don’t want to pay for a larger project management product.

Basecamp is the standard for functionality when it comes to project communication. Built specifically for remote work collaboration (the folks at Basecamp are fully remote), Basecamp has been used and loved for over a decade.

Notion is an all-around great tool. It is a collaboration workspace and acts as a “Home Base” here at WWR HQ. Take notes, attach files and manage progress with Notion’s many functions and integrations.

Twist is a tool that helps teams manage their communication in a more organized, transparent, and asynchronous way. Fewer distractions, more focused work, and better communication=happier remote workers.

Other Tools 🛠

Remote is one of the best tools to make hiring internationally easier. With Remote, you can manage international payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for businesses, big and small.

Easily automate processes with Zapier’s powerful API functionality. With over 1,500 apps to choose from, Zapier is sure to make your life easier in almost any business.

Schedule Once
Schedule once is an easy-to-use calendar tool that is designed with everyone in mind. No matter what situation you’re in, ScheduleOnce can take care of all things scheduling so you don’t have to.

1password is our go-to password management tool that keeps everything securely in one place, so you don’t have to worry about them. An essential tool for us at HQ.

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool built to make your life easier. With their new Analyse and Reply tools, they have you covered for all things social and scheduling.

Know Your Team
Know Your Team is a combination of software tools, best practices, and a leadership community that gives you the resources to become a better manager. One of the few tools available that actually helps you with practical skills and advice on one of the most fundamental components of company success -- quality management. They also have a great blog that everyone that wants to improve should follow closely.

One of the key misunderstood components of building remote teams is staying compliant with distributed contractors. Deel solves that problem and lets you focus on more important things. Check out Deel and get peace of mind knowing that the legal, tax, and other components of onboarding contractors are 100% compliant.

Mistro makes it easy for companies with distributed teams to provide benefits and perks in over 200 countries. From health insurance to coworking and everything in between, companies use Mistro to simplify the administration of their global benefits and perks program.

Remote Health by SafetyWing
The world's first global healthcare coverage for your remote team. For the first time, remote-first companies can get health coverage under a single plan. The fully equipped health insurance works for your team in 175 countries, allowing global teams to cover their employees no matter where they live.

Friday is the easiest way to share regular updates at work. Improve transparency, stay on track, and spend less time in status update meetings at work.

Donut builds trust and forms friendships for even the most distributed teams by making it easy to launch virtual coffee or group lunches, encourage peers to meet for learning opportunities, and build important internal networks for new hires.

Yac is a voice messaging tool for remote teams to make standups, client feedback, and meetings as fast as possible, all asynchronously.

Qualified gives remote teams all the tools they need to identify and hire software engineers 100% remotely. From coding assessments with real-world relevance to pair-programming interviews, Qualified helps remote teams make high-impact developer hires.

Whether you’re looking to hire an employee in Mexico, pay a contractor in Canada, or rent an office in Croatia, Pilot gives you everything you need to support your global team.

The simplest way to start hiring for your startup. Get your hiring process up and running in minutes with Wrk’s fresh approach to recruitment software.

Last Updated: July 2021

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