The Top 20 Best Remote Jobs for New Moms and Dads

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These practical, in-demand remote jobs let moms and dads earn an income without leaving their new bundle of joy.
[Best remote jobs for moms and dads]

If you’re the proud parent of a newborn (or soon will be), the best remote jobs for moms and dads let you spend quality time with your baby and provide an income for your family. 

Start working remotely and you’ll also score perks like childcare savings, no commute, and a flexible schedule.

But not all remote jobs for new moms and dads are created equally. So this list went through careful screening to vet only the best.

The Top 20 Remote Jobs for New Moms and Dads

You’ll have the most success as a new parent with a remote job if you can start and stop working whenever it’s most convenient. 

So you’ll get to work while your baby naps and then take breaks for feedings, diaper changes, and bath time.

You could technically do certain remote gigs from home, but they’ll be harder as a new parent. After all, how many customer service calls could you really take with a screaming baby in the background?

That’s why this list only includes jobs you can do in the few quiet moments you’ll get throughout your day, such as:

#1. Coder/Web Developer/Programmer

In today’s tech-driven world, there’s no shortage of coding and programming jobs. Web developer positions are also on the rise, thanks to the explosion in e-commerce.

All these positions can be done remotely (and quietly!), making them perfect for new parents.

You can plug away coding all day (and night) to build something digitally without disturbing your newborn’s schedule. 

So if you have the skills, check out a remote job in the programming space now.

#2. Graphic Designer/Web Designer

Parents can let their creative juices flow and earn a living while working from home as a graphic or website designer.

You’ll use your pockets of quiet time to create stunning ad campaigns or websites for well-known companies. Bonus: many already work with a team of remote employees.

Find a complete list of companies currently hiring remote design jobs by visiting this page.

#3. Product Management

Product managers can also work well from home.

Between project management tools and video conferencing software, you can easily stay in touch and manage what’s going on, no matter where you are.

Here’s a current list of the remote product manager positions available.

#4. Writer

If you can write quickly between feedings and naps, a remote writer job may be ideal for you.

Take a steady remote writing position and you’ll have a salary and a consistent stream of work. That’s the opposite of having to fight for a new job each week as a freelance writer.

#5. Proofreader/Editor

If you have a keen eye for detail and prefer to proofread instead of write, check out proofreader and editor positions. These roles only require a laptop, quiet space, and your full attention, which may be in short demand but can easily be improved.

#6. Transcriptionist

Do people always say you’re a good listener? Do you have lightning-fast typing skills?

New moms and dads with these traits should consider becoming a transcriptionist. They listen to audio recordings and type out exactly what they hear. 

Get yourself a pair of solid headphones to rock this work-from-home job without waking your baby.

#7. Podcast Production or Assistant

Podcast production assistants help employers produce their weekly podcast episodes, including editing, adding transitions, writing up show notes, etc.

#8. Data Entry 

Virtual data entry specialist jobs are low-stress and uncomplicated. Once you get the hang of it, they become routine and second nature. So they’re fantastic for new parents running on very little sleep.

#9. PPC Manager

Pay-per-click managers aren’t limited to the traditional 9-to-5 in-the-office role.

Thanks to being 100% online, you can manage your company’s pay-per-click campaigns remotely and right from the comfort of your home office.

You can even check-in using virtual meeting software so you’ll have no trouble staying in touch.

#10. SEO or Online Marketing Specialist/Content Marketer

Marketers have everything they need to work remotely.

Google Drive, virtual meeting software, and analytics tools that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection make it a cinch to work remotely and earn a decent living.

And since every brand needs online promotion, there are always plenty of companies hiring for remote marketing positions.

#11. Social Media Specialist

Similar to marketers, you can run social media campaigns and accounts for companies remotely. All you need is a love and understanding of all things social media, and the basics of online marketing, to earn an income.

#12. Accountant/Bookkeeper

Companies are hiring more remote accountants and bookkeepers to keep track of their finances than ever. Put that brain to work and find remote accounting jobs here.

#13. Business Consultant

You can also help companies grow and earn more revenue by offering your services as a remote business consultant.

#14. Legal Counselor

Legal counselors are another sought-after job as more companies turn remote.

This time, your legal advice can help keep online companies compliant and far away from lawsuits.

Here are the latest remote legal counseling jobs.

#15. Professional Matchmaker

Believe it or not, you can even become a remote professional matchmaker, if that’s something you’re passionate about.

#16. Travel Agent

Travel agents are another excellent career path for new moms and dads.

You’ll get to plan epic vacations or work retreats on a schedule that works within the pockets of time your baby isn’t being adorable or needy.


#17. Life or Health Coach

Life and health coaches meet with their clients on their time.

Have a baby that takes morning or afternoon naps? Schedule your check-ins during this time and work while your little one sleeps through (most of) the day/night.

#18. Recruiter

Recruiting is something you can continue remotely post-baby if you already have the hard-earned skills. And it’s also an easy field for new moms and dads to enter.

#19. Teach English Online

Teaching English to students virtually is another option you don’t need extensive training for. 

#20. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a lot like becoming a new parent.

In this role, you’ll help keep employers and their employees organized and on track. Type A personalities will find this job ultra rewarding.

Find the Best Remote Jobs for New Moms and Dads Today

You have plenty of options when it comes to finding the best remote jobs for new moms and dads. So how do you land your dream gig?

First, make sure your resume is polished and up-to-date.

Don’t worry if you have a gap in your resume for maternity or paternity leave. Just highlight your unique skills and the value you’ll bring the companies you apply to. You’ll switch the focus to your strengths and minimize your gap in work history.

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