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Senior Full Stack Dev using Ruby on Rails the Rails Way! (No React)

Location: Remote

About the Opportunity

We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer to join us at Nearcut. You will join a small team dedicated to building impactful and maintainable software. No day will be the same — you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks across the business. Your opinions and ideas will shape our tech stack.

As a Senior Full Stack Developer, you will collaborate closely with our technical founder and development team. Your work will impact millions of customers and help us continue to expand across Europe. You will be responsible for delivering high-quality and fully tested features.

Our product is built on Ruby on Rails. Our stack includes RSpec, MySQL, Docker Compose, Rubocop and Stimulus. We build software the Rails way and are not concerned with the latest JS framework craze. Currently, we use Ruby 2.7 and Rails 6.0. Five years ago we adopted Test Driven Development in all of our work and our test suite covers around 95% of our code base, keeping bugs to an absolute minimum and allowing us to focus on new features.  We have built our own component system using Github's View Component gem. When it comes to CSS, we use BEM.

Your expertise
  • You have at least 7 years of professional software development experience in Ruby on Rails
  • You love using Test Driven Development in all of your work
  • You have used Stimulus before in a project
  • You are very comfortable writing clean HTML/CSS
  • You don’t like React
  • You have a passion for building beautiful object-oriented software
  • You have implemented numerous full-stack features in production applications from scratch
  • You appreciate having end-to-end ownership of your work including deployment and responding to issues: you build it, you own it and you run it
  • You take an active interest in best practices
  • You enjoy learning new skills and tackling different technical challenges
  • You are attentive to problems and want to help customers succeed
  • You have experience working in startups
Your responsibilities
You'll be a crucial individual contributor on our small but capable development team.
  • Implement and deploy new features, using TDD and refactoring your work to meet best practices
  • Review tests and refactor sub-standard code as you come across it
  • Implement new View Components using HTML/CSS/Stimulus
  • Review PRs from your colleagues across different parts of the product
  • Embrace and adopt the company's style of writing Rails apps (trust us, it works)
  • Offer feedback on code reviews to help others to improve
  • Iterate and tailor your work based on feedback from customers and colleagues
  • Plan your implementation approach before starting to code
  • Investigate and fix bugs as they are reported (with a strong test suite, these are rare for us!)
  • You can be available for some calls between 10:00 - 14:00 UTC

Your first month
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of our product and understand our development cycle by:
    • Reviewing our guidelines
    • Reviewing our existing codebase
    • Reviewing other developers' pull requests
    • Asking questions as you go
  • Build and deploy at least one new fully tested feature

Benefits of our working environment
  • Remote-first: We are a remote-first company without an in-person office. We trust our employees to work flexibily and autonomously to efficiently meet business goals.
  • Flexible working hours: Aside from a couple of weekly meetings and availability during core hours, we are happy for you to complete your work whenever you’re most productive.
  • Close team: Although we work remotely, our team is close knit and colleagues are always there to help one another.
  • Great customer feedback: Our customers are small business owners who are very appreciative of the work that we do to solve problems in their businesses
  • Bootstrapped: We have never raised external capital. We have no distractions from past or future investors. We're entirely focused on helping our customers and we're taking our time to build a reliable product and grow sustainably.
  • Small business: No hierarchy or politics, just focus on efficiently building quality features that customers love.
“Everyone is pulling in the same direction and supports each other. I've never worked for a company that gets so much positive feedback from the clients - we can really see the impact of our work. I also enjoy that fact that we work remotely and can be flexible.” 
- Nearcut colleague for more than 3 years

“Working at Nearcut is a breath of fresh air! The business is full to the brim of great people who are motivated to improve themselves and the business on the whole, and the entire company is structured to allow individuals to thrive. I haven't looked back since joining!” 
- Nearcut colleague for more than 1 year

The nitty gritty
  • An annual salary of between 50,000$ USD - 75,000$ USD gross, depending on technical ability and experience.
  • 33 flexible holiday days per year. Since our remote-first team is based all over the world, you can choose whether or not to take time off on  your country’s public holidays.
We’re a small team and we’re passionate about being a great company to work with and work for. 

Please answer the following key questions in order to apply!


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