How To Hire Remotely In 2024 To Win Top Talent for Your Team

Hiring Remote

Future-proof your business by learning how to hire remotely in 2024. We know how to make your competitors jealous of your talent stack.

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Need a game plan for how to hire remotely in 2024? 

Several key trends are reshaping the world of remote work — from AI creep to generational shifts — impacting how remote companies hire, recruit, manage, and retain talent. As the remote workforce landscape evolves, so must your hiring practices.

But hiring remotely isn’t just slapping a “WFH” sticker on your job posts and calling it a day.

It’s about building a culture that thrives across distances and attracting candidates who know how to manage remote pitfalls, add value to your team, and grow with your company.

So let’s dive into the best strategies for remote recruitment in 2024 (and make your competitors super jealous of your all-star team!). But first, let’s address the elephant (err, machine?) in the room:

🤖  Will AI Replace Jobs for Remote Employees?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the subject in every conversation about how technology will change the future of work. With mass tech layoffs making the news every day, your hiring team may wonder: Why should we hire remote employees when we can invest in AI?

Spoiler alert: AI can’t do it all. Though it’s a powerful tool making incredible strides, humans will always be irreplaceable in the future workplace. AI still lacks human skills like:

Critical Thinking, Agility, and Complex Decision-Making
The future is unpredictable, and unexpected challenges always arise at work. AI might know how to follow instructions, but it can’t think outside the box when unforeseen issues stop teams in their tracks, making humans essential assets in dynamic remote environments. 

Creativity and Innovation
AI can crunch numbers, analyze data, and follow patterns, but it can’t dream up the next groundbreaking product or brainstorm a new viral marketing campaign. Humans still reign supreme in this department.

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We’re the ultimate idea machines, bringing the fresh, diverse perspectives and creativity required for innovation to flourish.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
Humans excel at navigating the nuances of emotional intelligence in the workplace. AI can’t replicate the human social skills required for:

  • Building rapport and relationships with employees
  • Understanding emotions and motivations
  • Being an effective leader 
  • Motivating teams to succeed
  • Collaboration
  • Managing conflict 
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Predicting and understanding client needs

These skills are vital for creating a positive work environment. That’s why AI can augment, not replace, human talent. Remote workers are still your secret sauce to success. 

How To Hire Remotely In 2024 To Win Top Talent

Follow this blueprint of the best hiring practices successful remote companies always use:

1. Start With a Solid Hiring Strategy
A hiring strategy is a roadmap for finding and recruiting top talent, outlining how you’ll identify, engage, and choose the perfect fits for your team. It covers everything from workforce planning to creating unbeatable job offers. 

👉 Check out our guide on How to Create a Hiring Strategy for Your Remote Company for the complete checklist.

2. Get All Your Legal Ducks In a Row
Never hired remote employees before? Want to hire employees abroad? We got you!

Remote work broadens your hiring horizons — unlocking the opportunity to tap into the global talent pool. So don’t limit your hiring to candidates in your home state, country, or time zone. Just cover your legal bases in your country and your employees’ locale.

Use these guides to light your way:

3. Create a WWR Employer Account
There are lots of remote hiring sites out there. We Work Remotely is the largest. We don’t scrape listings from other platforms, we have the best and biggest remote community in the world, and we fill 90% of the positions posted — quickly. 

Plus, we’ve been a remote-first company since 2013. Not every job board can say they’ve simultaneously observed the rise of remote work and grown along with it, but we can! Working with a team that knows the landscape through experience will only benefit you and your team. That’s why the top companies trust us.

Create a free Basic Employer Account to manage all your WWR job listings from one place. You can also share the management of company listings with others on your team. You’ll be able to customize billing details and download all your invoices too.

The best part? Registered employers get to fill out a Company Profile (more on this in the next section!).

You can step up your remote recruiting by upgrading to a Pro Employer Account, or even better, by using our remote Talent Pool available to Platinum Employer Accounts. With our new Talent Pool, you get:

  • A Platinum Employer Account badge (fancy!)
  • A featured Company Profile
  • Access to our remote Talent Pool
  • To invite talent to apply for your jobs
  • Access to who has applied for your jobs
  • 10% discount on every job listing
  • Company booth at our next Job Fair
  • Exclusive events and sponsorship packages
  • Priority customer support

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll want to:

4. Stand Out With Your WWR Company Profile
There are SO many more remote companies these days. But candidates are increasingly seeking teams and companies that align with their values. Your Company Profile allows candidates to see which employers they’ll vibe with.

Your WWR Company Profile explains who your remote company is in a snapshot. It allows your team to fill in information about:

Showing candidates you have a stellar remote workplace is the best way to get applicants to apply for a job. So, follow these tips to update your Company Profile and put your best foot forward! 

5. Learn How To Write The Best Remote Job Listings
Fact: A job posting or job listing is not the same as a job description.

A job description explains the internal responsibilities and your company’s expectations for employees in specific roles. A job posting sells the position and your company, motivating and inspiring top talent to smash that ‘Apply Now’ button.

We shared our best tips for nailing this task in our How To Write a Remote Job Listing that Sells guide. 

Combine those tips with our Free WWR Job Posting Template, and you’ll be well on your way to snagging top talent from all over the globe.

6. Focus On Inclusivity
Creating a positive and inclusive work environment is critical for attracting and retaining talent across generations. Everything from the words you use in your company bio to the must-have qualifications in your job listings can convey a sense of belonging (or turn people away).

Check your hiring practices against the tips in these guides to ensure you’re on the right track:

7. Research What Your Target Audience Wants
Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to attracting applicants with distinct skill sets and priorities. Workers want to know that you understand their unique pain points and needs. So, use the right hiring strategies for specific industries to prove it.

Now’s the time to also start attracting more Gen Z workers. They’ll surpass Baby Boomers in workplace numbers in 2024, bringing their own expectations and priorities to the remote job-seeking realm. You’ll need to adapt your recruitment strategies for this tech-savvy, purpose-driven generation. 

To do that:

Highlight your commitment to flexibility and work-life balance. In our 2024 Remote Leader Playbook, we discovered that work-life balance is now the #1 priority for remote workers. Showing candidates you can make this happen will skyrocket your chances of attracting and retaining them. Use this guide to improve work-life balance at your remote company.

Prioritize employee mental health and employee wellness programs. Employees enrolled in wellness programs are more satisfied at work, which leads to more engagement, productivity, and loyalty. Learn how remote companies can support mental health in the workplace

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Highlight how your employees impact your company. People want to feel like their work matters. So use your website’s team page to showcase how your employees make meaningful contributions to your company’s success.

Show that you’re invested in their career development. Remote workers say career advancement is the biggest priority after work-life balance. So mention how your company supports career growth for remote employees.

You can add all this intel to your company website, career portal, job listings, and WWR Company Profile to spread the word.

8. Be Open To Freelance Workers, Contractors, and Interns
The gig economy is expected to continue growing, providing flexible work opportunities for many digital nomads, contract workers, and part-time freelancers. Your organization can harness this talent pool’s skills effectively and temporarily, but you must ensure legal compliance when classifying gig workers.

These two guides can help clear up any confusion:

9. Always Post Your Remote Jobs on We Work Remotely 🌟
With over 4.5 million visitors, We Work Remotely is the number one destination for remote job seekers. Over 90% of our registered employers find their candidates through jobs posted on our platform.

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We make posting a job on We Work Remotely fast and easy so you have more time to focus on what matters most: building your dream team.

10. Streamline Candidate Screening with AI
AI is playing more of a starring role in talent management. Now the best applicant tracking systems (ATS) for remote companies come with AI-powered features and tools to:

  • Handle mundane, routine, and repetitive tasks. AI can help you sift through hundreds of applications efficiently, identifying keywords, skills, and relevant experience.

  • Schedule virtual interviews. AI chatbots can answer FAQs and suggest suitable times based on candidate availability, saving everyone time and frustration. This frees you up to prepare for meaningful conversations.

  • Perform skills assessments. AI tests can objectively evaluate coding abilities, writing proficiency, and other technical skills.

  • Provide data-driven insights. AI can help mitigate unconscious bias in the hiring process by focusing on objective criteria and skills. It can analyze interview transcripts for sentiment and keywords to gain deeper insights into candidate personalities and cultural fit.

  • Perform predictive analytics. It can even help predict job fit alignment and the likelihood of a candidate’s success.

Just remember: AI is a tool, not a replacement for your judgment. Use it ethically, transparently, and with a focus on enhancing the human touch in the hiring process.

11. Conduct the Best Virtual Interviews
Virtual interviews are a candidate’s first in-person impression of your company. Though your goal is to get to know them and evaluate their fit for a role, interviews are a two-way street. Candidates use interviews to gauge how your organization operates, whether they’ll fit in with the team, and, ultimately, if they should accept your job offer.

So make sure your team knows how to conduct successful remote interviews to get this step right.

12. Don’t Forget About Your Remote Onboarding
Organizations with a strong employee onboarding program improve employee retention by 82%.[*] So, if you’ve been neglecting your remote onboarding, that ends today. 

This guide offers some helpful pointers: Remote Onboarding: Effective Techniques for Welcoming New Hires.

13. Measure Your Remote Hiring Metrics To Improve
They say what gets measured gets improved. Your data analytics is a powerful way to inform talent decisions and elevate HR processes in 2024 and beyond.

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Measuring and tracking your hiring and recruiting data can also highlight the ROI that different talent acquisition strategies, job boards, and sourcing avenues deliver. When you find what works, you’ll know where to allocate resources next year.

Check out these guides to dive deeper into:

Ready To Begin Your Remote Hiring Adventure? 🚀

Remote work is the future; not just a passing trend but a cultural shift. 

By embracing remote hiring and building a culture that thrives across distances, you’ll tap into a global talent pool, boost employee satisfaction, and future-proof your business. So follow our tips, source strategically, and leverage AI ethically.

Our streamlined We Work Remotely platform makes posting your incredible opportunities so easy that even the most tech-averse person on your team can handle it.

Let’s create your free We Work Remotely Employer account noworupgrade to a Platinum Employer Account to have access to our Talent Pool. You trade us some quick details, and then you’re free to find your team’s missing puzzle piece on our job board.

Already have a WWR Employer account? Download our free remote job posting template! We can’t wait to hear your success stories!  🙌

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