WiFi Tribe

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WiFi Tribe is a global community of remote professionals who have chosen to share their journey in the name of freedom, adventure, and human connection. We want our tribe to find community and a home wherever in the world they choose to live.

WiFi Tribe carefully selects and brings together remote professionals to live and work around the world. We are a global community made up of 50 nations and all imaginable professional backgrounds; entrepreneurs, designers, poker players, writers, marketers, developers, and many, many more.

Our members can live around the world in homes that we set up for the Tribe, and many of them slow-travel together from one country to the next, staying in each place for a month. Instead of taking a holiday to travel once or twice a year, most of our members live this way permanently, working remotely as they travel the world together.

In 2019, we are launching our first semi-permanent homes across 4 continents, and we will be running 40+ chapters (4-week trips). Here are a few facts to give you an idea of where the 'company behind the Tribe' is at:
  • In the last 18 months, the team grew from 2 to 18 people.
  • Since we started, our tribe has grown to over 450 members.
  • Right now, there are 4 chapters running at the same time across the world.
  • And, most importantly, in our first year, about 10% of our members came back. Now, it’s almost 90%.

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