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WiFi Tribe

Delaware, USA

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We're a global community of remote professionals who are taking on the journey of life together. We travel the world as we work remotely.

WiFi Tribe is isn't a travel company.

Yes, we love to travel – who doesn't? – but what drives us is more powerful than that. It's our belief that life is better when we're together. That, in today's society, people crave connection. WiFi Tribe is built on the modern trend of remote work (and travel), but it's a step back to the basics and to what really matters; community and connection.

We're on a mission to build a global community of people who want to take on the journey of life together.

What could be more worthy of our time?

We, the WiFi Tribe community, are a bunch of remote professionals who live around the world together, one month at a time. On weekdays, we work side-by-side, and on the weekends, we go on adventures together – bucket list experiences or cultural immersions, instead of fancy dinners or Netflix.

Since we started, 5 years ago, our community has grown to 900 remote professionals from 62 nationalities. We’ve explored Africa, the Americas, Europe the Middle East and Asia together. And, beyond our trips (our 'Chapters') the community exists in little pockets spread all over the world. It’s both a dreamy lifestyle and a powerful network of mission-driven professionals.