[Webinar] The Ins-and-Outs of Remote Worker Compliance with Matt Drozdzynski of Pilot

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There’s no better time to look for a remote job. More and more companies are hiring across borders. But if it’s your first time working for a non-domestic company, the whole concept can be a little daunting! Do I need to register my own company? Do I need insurance? What’s this W-8BEN form that US companies seem to be asking about? How do I get paid, and who will do my taxes? Matt will cover the compliance and logistics of working remotely from different countries for employers all over the world.

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About Matt
Matt Drozdzynski is the CEO and founder of Pilot. He has over 10 years of experience hiring people around the world and scaling distributed teams. He runs Pilot, a Y Combinator-backed company, that takes care of payroll, benefits and compliance for remote teams.

Connect with Matt on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/matid
Connect with Pilot: pilot.co

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