We're Celebrating 20k Jobs Posted at We Work Remotely!

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Back in 2013, when we started WWR, just a few hundred companies in the world were enjoying the benefits of remote work. We were among them; remote-first from the beginning.

We launched WWR because we knew that remote working was going to be the future of work. Our goals were to advocate for remote work through:
  • Connecting the best employers and employees in the world with each other.
  • Making remote work accessible for everyone.
  • Showcasing that remote work wasn't just for the tech industry.
  • Sharing the benefits of working remotely: reclaiming your career and overall workday, increased productivity, improved work/life balance and overall quality of life, saving money — for both workers and businesses.

We wanted everyone to experience the freedom of managing their careers from any location.

More than 200 companies had the same mentality. During our first year, businesses utilized WWR to find and hire +300 people. We were excited about the possibilities that were ahead of us!

One year after launching, the demand for sales and marketing jobs increased so much that we had to add a new category to our site. By 2018, categories for other jobs like design, business & management, customer support, and product were added.

In the last seven years, we've helped companies fill 90% of the positions they posted and supported more than 2 million remote workers per month in their remote job hunting. Over time, we slowly, but steadily, built the biggest and best community of remote workers in the world!

And then, 2020 happened.

Things shifted fast. The pandemic forced businesses to adapt and remove the dependence on a traditional HQ. It prompted a full migration to remote workforces and hybrid workforces in many cases. In 2020, many employers truly discovered the value of remote work.

The volume of jobs posted at WWR and the people searching for remote jobs reflected this "new normal." In fact, 3,274 jobs were posted during 2020—20% more than the previous year.

To this date, our goals remain.

And in 2021, the numbers are still growing. As so many have said before, remote work is here to stay.

We've seen remote jobs being published at a faster pace and now, in the seventh month of the year, we've reached 20k jobs posted!

If the same pace continues, we may see more jobs posted at WWR than the last two years combined. An all-time record.

Not every job board out there can say they've simultaneously observed the rise of remote work and grown along with it, as both a remote-centered business and a remote-first company. We can!

But it's not just about the numbers.

It's about all of the people who have been part of this journey.

We're taking this as an opportunity to say thank you.

To everyone who has found their dream careers through WWR: we celebrate your stories every day.

To all of the companies that have trusted us to find and hire the best talent: we're happy to be part of a movement where businesses have discovered the incredible power of hiring remote talent, unlocking a level of diversity and breadth of experiences that wasn't possible before. We salute you for taking a stance in improving how we collectively work. To all of those who have encouraged us and gave us feedback, you've helped us make who WWR is today.

From everyone at WWR, thank you.

You inspire us to keep bringing remote work to more people and companies around the world.

That's our mission for the next 20k jobs!

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