Top 5 Benefits of Remote Support Every Business Should Know

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Are you considering adding remote support to your business, but you’re wondering if it’s worth it to do so?

You’re probably hoping to answer the question: are the benefits of remote support going to outweigh whatever it will cost you financially?

The short answer is that it absolutely can, but for more of an in-depth response, we’re sharing the top five perks of using remote support in this article so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth using in your business.

Before we get to those, we’ll quickly answer the question:

What Does It Mean to Offer Remote Support?

As the name suggests, providing remote support means you can add reps to your team that don’t physically work in your business’ HQ, or headquarters.

So you can source and hire customer support candidates from all over the world instead of only having access to those in your geographic area.

Not only that, you can set up your remote support in a way that your customers won’t even realize these reps aren’t on-site, making them a seamless part of your team.

By doing this, you’ll reap the following perks that come with hiring a remote support staff:

The Top 5 Benefits of Remote Support

There are plenty of great reasons to hire remote customer service or IT support reps, but these are the top ones to consider:

1. You Can Offer Around the Clock Support

Adding virtual customer service reps means you can offer 24/7 support to your customers.

So while your HQ business hours may be limited to 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or something similar in your time zone, remote support reps can fill in the gap during all those other times your headquarters is closed.

For customers, this means they don’t have to wait all weekend, for example, or until the following day when your business opens again, to hear back on their issues. And, in some cases, they may be able to find a resolution long before your team arrives back at HQ for the week or next day.

This perk is two-fold, leading into our next benefit:

2. You Can Offer Faster Response Times

Not having to wait to hear back for extended periods of time is huge for customers.

When most people have an issue, they want an answer right away, and you can’t blame them.

Having issues, including tech issues or customer service issues, can be frustrating, and the longer the time that passes without a resolution, the more annoyed customers can get.

But, with remote support, you can address these customer issues immediately instead of making people wait and simmer in their frustrations.

While you may not always be able to solve the problem right away, just knowing someone is around to chat and answer questions can be a huge relief for customers.

And, for bigger issues and problems, these remote support reps can put a support ticket request in right away so that the issue can be addressed first thing when your team arrives back at HQ.

All this goes a long way in the customer’s eyes and can mean the difference between keeping versus losing someone’s business.

3. You Can Provide Better Support

In addition to those perks, having remote support reps means you can provide better service.

That’s because you can specifically train these reps in the most common issues that customers have, and they can then support people right away and, hopefully, until their problem is resolved.

If issues are more complex or your reps need further assistance, they can escalate the support ticket from there.

You can then train these reps to handle those in-depth problems so that they can eventually offer more assistance in the future.

Having a knowledge base — essentially a place where your most commonly asked questions, problems, and their resolutions live — is a great way to train your remote support team so they can effectively handle those common issues each time they come up.

For complex issues, your remote service reps can at least touch base with customers and immediately start the support ticket process.

So customers are acknowledged right away, and their issues are bumped up to the top of the queue when HQ and more experienced team members are available. 

Once again, this goes a long way in providing exceptional customer service, keeping customers happy, and returning to your brand.

4. You Can Provide Support the Way the Customer Prefers

Another great perk of remote support is that you can meet the customer however they prefer.

Whether by email, virtual chat, or phone call, you can set up your support staff to handle customer issues in various ways.

Since customers will be able to reach out in their preferred method, they’ll be more likely to do so which means issues will be resolved at their convenience. Add that to the tally for providing better customer service, and you’ll quickly see your service scores improve.

5. You Can Grow Your Remote Support Around Your Business Needs and Budget

Lastly, but just as important, using remote support means you can grow your customer service team around your business needs.

Depending on the time zone differences, you may be able to get away with adding one or two reps to handle your out-of-office hours, or you can scale to a whole remote customer support team if needed.

You can also add team members in time zones that may be more affordable than where your HQ is located, which can help you cut costs while still providing around-the-clock care.

So you can tailor your support around your unique business, which is another great reason to use virtual support.

Add Some Remote Support To Your Team Today

Now that you know the top benefits of using remote support team members, you’re probably wondering where to find some good help.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go too far for that.

Our remote job board gives you access to top remote support reps from around the world.

So you can find the exact help you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Post a job today, and you’ll be one step closer to providing better, around-the-clock care, something your customers will definitely appreciate.

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