The State of Remote Work - Q3 Report

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September 2020 • Q3 Report

This report examines how top companies fared in the aftermath of the Coronavirus remote work “experiment,” and which trends are here to stay in 2020 and beyond.


In the aftermath of the COVID-19 remote work “experiment,” the world’s top companies have learned how to evolve in the virtual space to continue business as usual.

So we’ll examine all the ways the remote work landscape has and will continue to change over the next few months (and years!) in this first of many reports we plan to share on the subject.

Report Highlights

How COVID-19 Specifically Impacted the State of Remote Work and the Top 5 Remote Work Trends

Despite most people becoming familiar with remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be surprised to learn this work style has been around since roughly 2005. Though it experienced steady growth since that time, nothing compares to the expansion Coronavirus triggered. As you’ll see in this report, remote work may not be as temporary as many news outlets are predicting — especially for Fortune 500 and blue-chip companies.

18 Prominent Companies That Went Remote Since Coronavirus Hit, and Their Plans Moving Forward

If you were following Remote Work news, you likely observed the uptick in companies declaring their plans to go remote. It isn’t just small businesses and independent contractors switching to a remote work style. Leading companies such as Twitter, Salesforce, Spotify and more have successfully transitioned to remote work since the beginning of COVID-19. And many have plans to stay that way well into 2021.

10 Viral News Articles About Remote Work

The world became more familiar with remote work during 2020, and media outlets helped normalize the shift by encouraging employees to jump on board this new train of thinking. We've grouped the latest and highest-trending news articles had to say about remote work for you to get a birds-eye view.

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