The State of Remote Work - March 2022 Q1 Quarterly Report

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The State of Remote Work in 2022

Welcome to our latest edition of our State of Remote Work report. 

If you’re a returning reader, thank you for coming back to see what’s been going on in the world of remote work over the last few months. First time joining us? We’re so glad you’re here!

In this latest edition, we’re answering the big burning question on everyone’s mind: 

Now that Covid mandates are lifting, will a push for the return to office stop the rise of remote work?

You’ll discover that answer and more recent workplace stats today. So let’s kick things off with the biggest trends on the remote work scene: 

The Top 5 Remote Work Trends in March 2022


1. Remote work continues to rise while a full return to the office may never happen

Experts call the migration to remote jobs the most significant shift in the workplace since World War II.

Companies are seeing this firsthand and facing the harsh reality that people would rather resign and find a more flexible job than give up their remote work lifestyle. Rising gas prices aren’t enticing anyone back to a commute either.

This is great news for remote companies, as we’ll touch on in just a bit.

2. Over half of people surveyed are choosing to work remotely after the pandemic. 

Thought-leaders predicted that employees would return to the office once pandemic fears subsided. But now, just 42% cite coronavirus exposure as their primary reason to WFH.

With over two years of remote work under their belt, people don’t want to give up the perks of working from anywhere (and can you blame them?).

It’s become the preferred way of life for more than 60% of people surveyed (up from 54% in 2020) who said they’d continue to work from home once the coronavirus outbreak subsides, according to Karla Miller of The Washington Post. 

3. Working remotely makes working easier and helps people become more productive.

Pew Research revealed that 44% of people admit that working from home makes it easier to reach deadlines and get work done. And that’s no surprise.

When people remove themselves from distractions throughout the day (like a broken printer, noisy coworker, etc.), they can get into deep, focused productivity blocks. This helps them accomplish so much more in less time.

Being more efficient (and ditching their commutes) leaves remote workers with more room in their schedules for a healthy work-life balance, which also boosts energy levels, motivation, and drive.

4. The remote work job market is fiercely competitive.

Remote positions generate 300% more job applicants than those without this coveted option.

Remote companies now have the upper hand on recruiting top talent. Since more applicants are automatically attracted to your flexible work style, you’ll get to choose from the cream of the crop.

5.Remote companies pay better, enticing dream candidates.

High-paying remote jobs are at unprecedented levels. Before Covid hit, only 4% of remote jobs fit this category. Now high-paying remote jobs account for a whopping 15% today.

Remote job seekers should take advantage of this candidate-driven market. 

There’s no shortage of incredible remote companies hiring and paying what employees are worth. Competitive employee benefits packages are also a hot selling point. 

The Great Resignation is only fueling this desire to see what’s out there. 

The Great Resignation and What It Means For You

The Great Resignation, or The Great Reshuffle as some call it, refers to the massive wave of workers quitting their jobs for greener pastures. Labor market data shows that 4.3 million employees quit as of January, and 44% of people are currently looking for a job.

If you’re a remote job seeker… 

It’s time to roll up your sleeves. With so many people competing for remote roles, you should sign up for job alerts, so you’re the first to hear about new opportunities in your field. Spruce up your remote resume too.

If you’re a remote employer…  

Leverage this workplace shift to level up your team. Now, more than ever, you’ll have access to the top remote talent. Find and recruit these exceptional global candidates to take your business to new heights.

Wrapping Up the Current State and Future of Remote Work

After hearing about these remote work trends, it’s pretty clear that this style of work is here to stay and growing more favorable -- despite waning Covid mandates.

People got a taste for the good WFH life during the pandemic, and now they don’t want to work any other way. And we’re here for that!

As the remote landscape continues evolving, We Work Remotely will remain at the forefront of this revolution. So make sure to tune into our new State of Remote Work Report next quarter -- we’ll see you soon! 😀 

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