The Remote Show Live! Communication and Culture: The Realities of Remote Work

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In the second episode of The Remote Show Live!, Matt will chat with Barb Collombin, an award-winning professor who currently is Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University (fun fact: this historic university is where movies like Deadpool and X-mean were filmed!).

The landscape of remote work has always been fascinating and the pandemic has no doubt been a significant impact on the way the world now embraces working remotely. In this episode, Matt and Barb will discuss questions such as:
  • How is our changing world influencing the workforce and the ways in which we interact with each other in a professional remote setting?
  • How is communication being taught as it relates to distributed teams?
  • What does it mean to be a learner right now?
  • What exactly is the culture of remote work?

As Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University, Barb brings over 25 years of experience in Communications, Sales & Marketing and Team-based Learning to the Schools of Communication and Culture and Education and Technology.

Through story-telling, culture building, and connecting people with one another and the world around them, Barb strives to engage, inspire and mentor students to remain curious, thrive, and contribute.

With Barb's background in teaching, working with non-profit organizations, and helping people and organizations thrive, we're really excited to dive into this conversation about the realities of remote work and the implications it has on communication and culture.

This one-hour long session will be a 30-minute discussion + 30-minute Q&A. Claim your spot to participate in the live broadcast of the episode. Can't make the session? No worries! Register anyway and the recorded session will be sent to you.

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Please note: attendance/registration is free. Only the first 500 attendees will be able to participate in the webinar.

Connect with Barb here: www.linkedin.com/in/barb-collombin
Listen to The Remote Show podcast: weworkremotely.com/the-remote-show-podcast

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