The Future of Remote Work Report

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In the last year, the general conversation around remote work has evolved from, "Is it possible?" to "How can we make this work?"

And, that was before coronavirus forced most of us to start working remotely.

Just where is remote work heading now?

Introducing: The Future of Remote Work Report 👋

Hiten, Marie and their team at fyi analyzed over 11,000 of our jobs from 2014-2019 and gathered their evidence into a snappy report.

Obviously, when we handed our data over, we didn’t anticipate this report would be released during a pandemic. We know times are tough right now. But we also believe remote work will continue to grow -- the stats have been pointing to this for years. How will that all unfold? Nobody truly knows. But we’re excited to find out. As they say, challenging times induce innovation and creativity.

What will happen once a large number of people who never worked remotely experience remote work, and actually like it? Work flexibility will continue to be something that more and more candidates seek and offering it as a benefit will keep businesses competitive. Operating as a remote company will pay you back tenfold in the long run. If there’s at least one good thing that will come out of this terrible situation, it is that remote work will continue to rise.

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