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New: Sign Up For An Employer Account On WWR

Posting your jobs and managing your listings just got way easier! We've finally created an employer account system for you to manage all of your company details in one spot. Sign up for an employer account to manage your listings and billing details! Here’s the 411:

Post Your Job in Minutes

Post a job while you're logged into your employer account, and the company name, logo and bio will automatically be populated from the last job you posted. We know your time is valuable. From now on, you'll only need to copy and paste the job description details!

If you need to update your company information, head to the Company Profile page to make your updates and the changes will be reflected across all of your listings.

Managing Listings

We know it wasn’t the easiest to manage the details and status of your listings. You can now edit your listings, manage the subscriptions and track analytics in one spot!

Edit or Renew Listings
Edit your current listings or renew an old position you're hiring for again.

Manage Subscription
Cancel your auto-renewals or remove your job listings here.

Track Analytics Anytime
Track the performance of your listings easier. Please note that stats for older listings posted before May 2019 will not be shown. As well, please keep in mind that If the job title is updated within a live listing, this will affect the numbers.

Download Receipts

On the new Billings page, you now have access to all of your receipts! View and download the PDF versions.

Multiple Companies Under One Account

If you post jobs on behalf of multiple companies, you can toggle between them all under one login. To add the new company to your account, post a job under the new company while you’re logged into your existing account. You’ll be sent an email confirming the details. Please note the email address must match the one affiliated with the previous postings.

How To Sign Up:

Existing Customers

If you’ve posted a job on We Work Remotely before, create an account with the email address you’ve previously used to post your jobs under and the company you're hiring for. For security purposes, an email will be sent to verify your email address. Once confirmed, you’ll be able see your new Dashboard! And don’t worry, all of your current and old listings will automatically be attributed.

New Customers

If you and the company are new to We Work Remotely, we’d recommend creating an account with the email address that’s associated with the company name. For security purposes, an email will be sent to verify your email address. Once confirmed, you’ll be able to login and post your first job.

Create An Employer Account

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