Introducing WWR's New Member Community

We've been working on something special for job seekers and remote workers, and today we're excited to finally share it with you!

Introducing: WWR’s new Member Community 🎉

After many years of connecting candidates with leading remote companies and observing best hiring practices, we wanted to help more job seekers shift to remote work by providing effective and practical resources and ongoing opportunities to network.

Some of the benefits that Members receive are:
  • Access to exclusive remote-focused webinars and AMAs
  • Discounts on remote-related tools, software, education platforms, etc.
  • Writing Exercises: Job Plans, Interview prep questions 
  • Real time job alerts: Get relevant jobs directly in your inbox as soon as they’re posted. 
  • Access to expert 1-1 Career Coaching, Resume/Cover Letter prep and LinkedIn Optimizations. 
  • Templates: Resume/Cover Letter templates, Email drafts to hiring managers. 
  • Access to Member Slack community.

Why We Built It

As the demand for remote jobs continues to increase and as more companies embrace flexible work, it's important that professionals today speak the remote language and know how to self-educate to keep progressing their skills. The resources and events offered are designed to encourage self-growth, offer a space for connection, and set remote job seekers and professionals up with the best tools possible to achieve their dream career.

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How to sign up

If you've been wondering how you can build your dream remote career and you're looking for a community to connect + learn with, now's the time to join! 💫

<Buy one, get 50%?> <Try an event for free?>

Full details can be found here: https://learn.weworkremotely.com

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