Introducing: WWR's New Candidate Filtering Feature

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Stop wasting time sorting hundreds of applicants with our new Candidate Filtering feature ✨

Find quality candidates more quickly and streamline your hiring process

Maintaining relationships with candidates can improve some of the most important aspects of hiring: time to hire, cost per hire, and quality of hire.

Two common ways of creating a positive candidate experience are providing kind and genuine feedback and keeping your communication lines open and prompt.

But when you're screening through hundreds of remote applicants, the hiring process can feel overwhelming; it often delays the overall hiring timeline.

Filtering candidates is one of the biggest obstacles and frustrations for many remote companies, so you’re not alone. We help hundreds of remote companies find quality candidates every day, but we wanted to help alleviate some of your workloads because, well, we know you’re busy.

🎩 *ta-da* Introducing our new Candidate Filtering feature

Instead of wasting time sorting hundreds of applicants, we remove this burden of the hiring process off of your backs.

How it works:

Our new filtering feature takes a look at your job description, sorts through all of the applicants and prioritizes them based on the requirements you've indicated, making sure you see the best candidates first.

With this option, you'll receive manually prioritized batches of applicants 3, 14 and 30 days after posting your job, ensuring you see the right people first and can hire quality candidates more quickly.

Choose this option on the first page of the check-out flow when posting your job and get ready for a simpler and more easeful hiring process.

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Cost: $199 - on top of the base price ($299) and does not include upgrades.

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