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We’ve finally given our website an update and a new look! “We’re so excited” doesn’t fully encapsulate our feels, because it’s been a long time coming. Before we tell you what’s new, we’re going to take you back into time for a moment, #becausehistory.

Did you know we’ve been around since 2013?

Back in the early days, not only were we one of the first online remote job boards to surface, but we were also one of the first job boards dedicated to advocating for remote work. One of our major initiatives in doing so was expanding outside of the Programming sector and incorporating Sales & Marketing, Finance & Legal, and Business & Management. We knew positions in these categories would also benefit from remote structures based on how technology has evolved.


Providing the employers and job-seeking community with attentive service showed us first hand what both parties were looking for. As a distributed team ourselves, we’ve simultaneously observed the rise of remote work and grown along with it.

Redesigning WWR

Focusing on the community was all that and a bag of chips–it allowed us to build integrity and trust with our customers. Buuut, you could say it was time for a facelift.

That font, though 👀

We sifted through the feedback from our community and made some major improvements. Big ups to our friends at Z1 for helping us accomplish our vision!

How We Improved

We focused on boosting the experience for our users through expanding the functionality, and generally modernizing the look and feel while preserving the general constructs that previously existed on the site (there’s beauty in simplicity).

Some other small but impactful additions include:

A Cleaner Job Posting Experience

Improved check-out flow, cleaner aesthetic, and clearer communication.

Related Jobs

Each job posting page now displays similar jobs, allowing employers more real estate and job seekers a greater chance of finding their dream job.

Additional Clarity Around Timezone Restrictions

Additional tags have been added to each job posting, categorizing potential geographic and time zone restrictions.

Investing In Remote Work

To us, the re-design symbolizes our ongoing commitment to invest in remote work. Similarly, we’ve invested in growing our core team so that we can continue to improve and provide our community with even better support and resources. We’ve learned so much along the way and it’s time we’ve shared that with you.

The WWR Community Today

"We Work Remotely has provided us with the highest quality candidates that are most aligned with our business needs. It is now an essential part of our hiring toolkit."
–Cesar Rufo VP Marketing, Appsembler

Like-minded Folks

We wouldn’t be here without other amazing remote companies who are actively pushing past the edges of traditional working methods.

Shout out to our Day Ones, aka our Top 100 Remote Companies, and the other badass remote companies who are doing it right:

Can’t forget the ones who support remote workers:

Working remotely goes beyond sitting in your pajamas and avoiding the commute. The progressive ethos challenges a multitude of norms that society has ingrained into our value systems and drives people to question the status quo. Remote work isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we.

As a thank you for your support, we're doing some fun things:

Employers save $50 on all job postings & future renewals for the next 24 hours 🎉 Offer ends Fri. May 24, 2019 @ 11:59 PM PST.

The first 50 people to find this ☕️ emoji on weworkremotely.com scores a $5 USD gift card to Starbucks!

Once you’ve found the emoji, send us your screenshot to [email protected]. We’ll contact the prize winners with further details.

Edit: contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered! Only prize winners will be contacted.

Thanks for being here! We hope you enjoy WWR 2.0 🙂

-The We Work Remotely Team

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