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Curate and accelerate your remote job search. Job hunting can be tedious and noisy. Let WWR find the best remote opportunities that are tailored to you.

Find better remote jobs faster 🏃‍♀️

Job hunting has never been easy. Throw in the events of the last couple of years and we wouldn't blame you if you feel like giving up.

But don't be distressed! The reality is, more companies than ever are now hiring remote. The challenges of job hunting have evolved from, "Where can I find a remote job?" and "How do I tell if a remote job is legit?" to, "How can I find a remote-first job that best suits my needs?" and "How do I sift through the noise?".

New ✨: Curate and accelerate your remote job search

We're excited to share that we're one step closer to addressing those challenges with Curated Jobs.

We've learned from you that some of your top challenges for job hunting are:
  1. not being able to find exactly the roles you're looking for, and
  2. you're not sure how to stand out.
For the MVP of this account feature, we're focusing on the first point.

Historically, WWR has been gate-free. And while WWR won't require you to sign up to access jobs, you can now create an account to find remote opportunities that are more tailored to you!

That's right! Get tailored remote jobs quicker with your own personalized view.

How to sign up

Create an account here and set your search preferences based on region, time zones and categories. Once you've gone through the quick onboarding, you'll be dropped into your own personalized dashboard.

Justine from Marketing and Justine from Product (we know, right? 👯‍♀️) walk us through the new feature and how to best set your preferences. Check it out  ➡

For the best experience, please use your desktop browser. Improved mobile coming soon. 🌹

What's coming in the future:
  • More remote-specific filters
  • Save or bookmark jobs
  • Daily email notifications
  • Live profiles

Have questions or feedback? Send us a note at [email protected].

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