Day in the Life Of the Remote Worker: Mike Cann


Justine Shu / May 16, 2019

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Name: Mike Cann

Current Job: Co-founder and CTO of Markd

Current Location: Perth Australia

Current Computer: Custom Built Windows PC (64gb, 8700K, GTX 970)

Current mobile devices: iPhone XS Max, some smaller devices for testing

What does your typical workday look like?

  • 7 am - Wake, shower, some stretches
  • 7:30 am - Start work with a cup of tea (I don't eat breakfast). First thing is to "stand up" in our slack and announce what I’m going to work on during the day.
  • 8 am - 12 pm - Work on whatever tasks I set myself for the day.
  • 12 pm - 1 pm - Usually like to make myself a packed lunch and get out of the house, cycle to a park or somewhere, listen to some podcasts.


  • 1 pm - 4pm - More work. If it’s kiting season I might go out kite surfing in the late afternoon.
  • 4 pm - 5 pm - Either Skype call with my co-founder in the UK or more work.
  • 5 pm - 9:30 pm - Downtime and dinner spent with my GF, maybe a game of squash or a meetup.

Describe your workspace setup: Triple monitor (on stands) setup in front of a large window that looks out into the communal pool area. My desk is in our living room which is both a blessing and a curse.


What do you listen to while you work? Usually progressive / deep house dj mixes I have listened to 100 times before. I find the familiarity of the mellow deep beats relaxes my brain and allows me to get into flow faster. Some of my favourites at the moment are Blugazer's _Illusionary Images.

Aside from your phone and computer, name a gadget you can’t live without in your workspace: Fitbit Versa Smartwatch. I have a group of friends on there that compete against each other for more steps. It’s a good psychological bump to get outside and move more.