Day in the Life of a Remote Company: Storetasker

Day in the Life of a Remote Company

Storetasker helps businesses fulfill their Shopify-specific projects by connecting them with the world's top Shopify professionals.

Remote since 2019, the company's full-time staff of five and community of 250+ expert contractors are distributed across 25+ countries and 250 cities. Working at Storetasker means you'll be protected from toxic competition with other freelancer marketplaces - the team prevents this by setting $75/hour project minimums and implementing an extensive expert vetting and onboarding process, ensuring their clients are only working with top-level talent and that their experts are fairly compensated. Keep reading to learn more about their culture and how having a distributed team has impacted their bottom line - for the better.

Day in the Life of

There is no typical day at Storetasker. We have full-timers, part-timers, once the kids go to bed-timers on Storetasker. So, we asked a few of our Experts to share their “Day in the Life of a Storetasker Expert”.

Rosa | Full-Stack Engineer | Based in Malaga, Spain
Rosa left her full-time developer role at a digital agency to become an independent freelancer back in 2019. Rosa uses Storetasker to hand-pick 4 or 5 interesting projects each month to continue to grow her recurring client base. She’s passionate about fitness, chocolate, and Spanish tapas.

Thomas | Senior Web Developer & Designer | Based in Toronto, Canada
Since joining Storetasker over 4 years ago, Thomas has developed award-winning Shopify websites for some of the hottest up-and-coming D2C brands in the food, beverage, and CBD topical industries. Thomas credits snowboarding for his sense of adventure and willingness to take risks in life and in business.

Adan | Senior Shopify Developer | Based in Guatemala City, Guatemala
Adan discovered Storetasker from a WeWorkRemotely job posting back in March of 2020. As he approaches his 1-year anniversary with Storetasker, he would tell you time and time again that Storetasker has changed his life. After 12 years working for US-based agencies, Adan is not only making more but getting better quality leads and a more diverse slate of projects. Here's his featured photo:

Why and how did you decide to go remote? 

Our entire business is focused on empowering entrepreneurs and helping them run their businesses on their own terms. Remote work offers maximum flexibility and accessibility for our employees, our freelancers, and our customers.

Remote work makes our business possible. We make working with the world’s top Shopify professionals accessible and affordable for any ecommerce brand worldwide.

How has being remote influenced your company’s organizational structure?

The core of our product is a suite of tools that make remote communication and collaboration simple between brand and freelancer. This focus allows us to deliver agency-quality development work faster and at a fraction of the cost. We also have a vibrant and open Slack community for our Experts to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and stay at the cutting edge of industry trends. In short, we’ve prioritized anything that can make communication and collaboration more seamless in a remote work environment.

How did 2020 impact your business?

2020 forced countless businesses to rethink how they can survive and even thrive in a more virtual economy. Storetasker helped hundreds of businesses set up curbside pickup, local delivery, mask sales, and revamped subscription models. Business owners were forced to adapt and Storetasker was there to deliver. As a result, Experts earned more than 2x on Storetasker as they did in 2019. With so much uncertainty in the world, we’re proud to have been a reliable source of income for freelancers staying at home around the world.

What cultural practices set you apart as a company?

Unlike other marketplace platforms, Storetasker works really hard to prevent unhealthy competition amongst our freelancers. Because of our extensive Expert vetting and onboarding processes, we ensure that brands are working with top-level talent on Storetasker, whether it’s someone who has been on the platform for 4 years or 4 months. That means new Experts can hit the ground running and not worry about building up vanity-metrics that drive platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

How do you address common remote challenges for your employees? 

We’ve built a full suite of tools to help freelancers manage web development projects from start to finish. Our platform connects brands directly to our Experts via text, email, and phone calls, giving businesses a 1:1 line of communication with an eCommerce professional. With experts across all time zones, we are able to give priority to local Experts and minimize the amount of communication lag that can come with asynchronous work environments.  

How do your employees measure the impact of their work?

Experts have a personal dashboard that tracks all of their key performance metrics and have regularly scheduled check-ins with the Storetasker operations team to review work, identify areas of improvement, and celebrate wins! 

What’s your tool stack

Slack, Notion, G-Suite, Liquid.js, GraphQL, Node.js, HTML, CSS, etc.

Why do you believe remote work is here to stay?

In the five years that we’ve been connecting businesses with professional website developers, we know that brands who hire remote contractors get more work done at a faster and more affordable rate. This means faster growth, lower costs, and happier business owners. Simply put, there’s no force more powerful than the bottom line.

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