Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Digitalizing energy infrastructure for a sustainable world

About Withthegrid 

Withthegrid is passionate about addressing one of humanities’ largest challenges ahead: delivering a sustainable energy system. For this, resilient and future-proof energy infrastructure is needed. That is where Withthegrid comes in! 

We serve customers such as Eneco, Stedin, Westland Infra and Vattenfall with our cloud-based asset monitoring platform. IoT sensors and other customer owned systems connect to it and provide asset condition data. Our application detects anomalies and improves maintenance processes through alerts with an easy to use UI. This results in longer lifetimes, lower downtime and lower costs. This enables a sustainable energy grid ready for the future. 
We are a growing company where we focus on solving the challenges of our customers by using the latest technology. Our team works remotely but sometimes meets either in an office in Amsterdam or Utrecht.