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Wicket is transforming how Associations impact society by empowering them with the world’s first Member Data Platform (MDP).

Wicket is the world's first  Member Data Platform.

Member Data Platforms offer flexibility and choice in a world where traditional Association Management Software (AMS) has left organizations boxed in.

The traditional AMS made a lot of sense for a long time. It used to be challenging to connect software systems – integration wasn’t an option. The complexity involved with integrating multiple tools meant that building one system that could ‘do it all’ was the best option available.

In the last decade as tools and software evolved, best-in-class tools became available. These tools help you achieve so much more than a module in your traditional AMS; just because your AMS does it all, doesn’t mean it does it good enough. You should be using the best technology and not just locked into what your AMS provides.

Today, flexibility is the number one requirement so that you can evolve easily. With a Member Data Platform, your team can evolve the tools they’re using without any disruptions to your members.