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Wellbe Inc

Madison, WI

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OUR MISSION: We believe that engaging patients to be active partners in their care is a key to transforming healthcare. Our mission is to unleash the full value of these partnerships to make healthcare more accessible, effective, and affordable.


Why Healthcare?

The fact is, we’re all patients. And in today’s rapidly-changing healthcare environment, patients simply don’t have the right tools to become participants in their own health journeys. Through our own experiences, as well as conversations with hundreds of patients and healthcare providers, we know that promoting a partnership between providers and patients results in better experiences, better outcomes and lower costs.

What’s in a Name?

For friends over 40, you’ll likely remember Marcus Welby, MD, an iconic television drama (one of the first medical dramas!) that chronicled the interactions of kind family physician, Dr. Welby. We embrace the spirit of the Welby character, who is empathetic, community-minded and wise. The creatives on staff also love word play. We want to create well being. We want our product to help people be well. Wellbe is also fun to say.

How Was Wellbe started?

Wellbe was founded in 2009 by James Dias, who has built a career in connecting the needs of real people to technologies that can improve their lives. “Looking at a fragmented healthcare system that can’t prioritize patient experience was startling. I knew we could find a better way to create value in acute care by introducing an easy-to-use digital solution to ‘bridge gaps’ and create smoother transitions in care.”

It wasn’t hard to build a team of innovative, passionate and experienced patient advocates to rally around this vision. Read more about our team!