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Web3 Labs


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Web3 Labs is a leading blockchain technology company.

We develop blockchain software and work with companies to help them succeed with blockchain deployments. Our clients include Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, ConsenSys, and R3. Our open-source blockchain library Web3j has been downloaded nearly 1 million times, and our Epirus Blockchain Explorer is widely used by enterprises for reporting and supporting their blockchain deployments. In 2020, we were a runner up in Microsoft’s Partner of the year awards too

  • We strive ourselves on having an awesome culture, we want to provide the optimal environment for our staff to work at their very best, but also support their own personal needs
  • This includes flexibility on working days or hours around commitments such as family - 2020 has been very challenging for many people and we want to support our staff
  • When life returns to something resembling normal we will meet up in person from time to time
  • We want to ensure our staff get to grow their own profile through the company too, so are supporting of OSS work and love it when they present at conferences and meetups (which we're of course happy to sponsor)
Since COVID-19 we've become a remote team, so are happy to work with people based anywhere in a timezone that overlaps significantly with the UK (Europe, Africa).

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If you want to learn more about us you can check out our Website, but also our Blog and YouTube Channel.