Holding HQ: Paris, France / Africa HQ: Abidjan, Ivory-Coast

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French startup occurring in the field of music streaming

We are a french start-up occurring in the field of music streaming.

WAW MUZIK was born from an idea : Africa is full of music fans and talents, but no one has yet find the sustainable model for music listening. 

We did it! We created an innovative model, based on micropayment and curation, that will fit the people needs as well as give artists a fair pay for their music.  

Together with the leading telecommunications operator in French-speaking countries and the world leader in music production, we are about to launch our streaming music app in Ivory Coast. Thanks to the scalability of our model, we aim at becoming the leader streaming music service in West Africa in the years to come. 

We therefore want to surround ourselves with passionated, talentuous, engaged and dynamic men and women, who will accompany us in this challenge.