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San Francisco, CA

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VoteAmerica’s mission is to provide access to trusted election information, open platform technology, and education programs to support and empower the most vulnerable voters to navigate the path to exercising their vote.

VoteAmerica is a national voter registration and voter turnout organization, started by the founder of Vote.org. We are the single most cost-effective organization in the sector: no one mobilizes more voters per dollar spent than we do. Our work is two-fold: we pioneer new and innovative tactics, and then we scale proven systems. 

Those text messages that you get urging you to vote? Although now ubiquitous, our founder pioneered this work in the US years ago. Last year, we sent over 100 million text messages. As our prior work has become mainstream, we continue to be relentlessly focused on developing the next big strategies that will get 100% of Americans registered to vote and get them to the polls. In the meantime, we’re laser focused on the 2022 midterm elections.